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Book Name – 7 Vows of Marriage

Author – Devika Das

Publisher – Pothi.com

Number of Pages – 61

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Reviewed by – Alok Mishra


I am very reluctant towards marriage – and most of the people are struck with a surprise once they know I don’t have any plans to marry! ‘Are you serious?’ This is the usual expression that I get. I am only 25; but imagine a girl in her early 30s and she is unmarried and the expressions she has to face every day… Friends, this is the author Devika Das! She has very wonderfully recorder all these things in her ‘quick-to-read’ book 7 Vows of Marriage. You will just be able to finish the book in a single go, I am sure.

“… Exchanging such vows of duty, love, fidelity, respect and a successful union, the couple pledge to be companion forever. A Hindu marriage is incomplete without these seven vows. If every couple understands these vows, then, why is the frequency of divorce increasing nowadays?”

Many other questions like this one are there in the book and Devika has tried her best to answer them. ‘She has tried to explore something without knowing the thing practically’ is a common charge that any reviewer or a critic can claim on her. However, I free her of this charge. She has done her bit to satisfy a common reader who is baffled with the clumsy path of marriage. She has hinted on knowing each other’s views on romance before entering into a romantic relationship. However, most of the times, she is taking the lead as a woman, and this part is quite understandable. By saying this, I don’t mean at all that she has put an empty box for the men who will read her book! Devika has shared her views for husbands and boyfriends also.

Certainly, there are some parts that I don’t think, if not most of the men, then some of the men, of course, will not agree. Devika has put the classical card on the desk – the sex card and threw it on the man’s part. For instance, when she writes:

“Women think that men want a physical relationship only, the primary objective of men. Actually, men use sex as a medium to know a woman better.”

And what happens if, after sex, a man comes to know ‘nah! I need it another time to know her even better!’? This is, at least to me, a simple derivative conclusion that the author has arrived in her spontaneous flow of writing. However, it’d be unfair on my part if I fail to mention here that Devika has already given her readers the right to disagree! She writes at the end:

“I am fully aware that there are the people who will beg to differ.”

To conclude, I will say confidently that her book will give a new dimension to someone’s thoughts about marriage. It’d surely help in easing the process that one needs to take care of while in a relationship of in a marriage. You will enjoy reading this book, and so, go ahead!