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an indo-amrican dilemma and fate and reality…


Title: American Maharajah 

Author: Mark Stephen Levy 

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing, 2018

Page: 204

Reviewed by: R. M, Ashvamegh Staff

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Mark Stephen Levy’s latest novel American Maharajah is a novel which beautifully draws the attention of the readers on an ancient Indian myth of reincarnation of a king’s son and the absence of the spring after it. The modern connection with the legend to make the novel a little mysterious and then unfolding it into the world of love and spiritual realisation are just wonderful enough to keep the readers engaged in the novel throughout and satisfying them at the end. American Maharajah can surely be said a complete fiction which offers not only entertainment to the readers but also a reading satisfaction.

American Maharajah bookIn the novel, Mark has created the central character in the form of Ravi Shankar, an Indo-American, who is not very much satisfied with his life and is constantly looking for solace – in some uncertainty, he is always dwindling. In a strange circumstance, he sees his girlfriend Melissa breaking up with him before he leaves for India on a vacation trip to explore various places. From Ladakh to Delhi and then in the deserts of Rajasthan, Ravi keeps exploring before he finally finds himself almost dead after his backpack is stolen and he is lost in the vast deserts of Rajasthan. He is thirsty and he is unconscious before the novel takes a leap into a different world and we have a maharajah and a beautiful lady taking care of Ravi and constantly calling him Amar… Yes, there is a mystery about it. Ravi, though he loves the appearance of Aishani, the beautiful and intelligent and multi-talented young lady, he is baffled why she and the old king are mistaking him to be some Amar, their dead prince!

And then, the readers will have several layers of secrets unfolding in front of their eyes. Ravi’s dive into the depth of his past will lead to many instances which will make the readers realise the construct of the novel which is wonderful and amazing in the terms of plot and exposition. Twists and turns and there and they meet equally fit explanation and exposition which enhances the novel’s overall appeal. American Maharajah is a straightforward yet interesting enough novel which offers a very curious & engaging read to the readers. In the terms of story, this is an unmissable novel.

Coming to the language part, the novel is quite well-written in a plain language which will surely entice the readers to read the book without any pause. Mark has done a great job there – he has kept his words simple and the intention of the sentences right on the money. He has avoided the usual mistakes that authors do to make their fiction a ‘seemingly classic’. He has narrated a story in a very right manner to his readers and made it possible for the readers to keep reading and understanding the happenings as it happens.

Critically, this is the author’s win! Mark has depicted that his understanding of India through the eyes of a traveller is just up to the mark. His interest in mythological legends and his sense of the writing craft have helped him create a fiction which will surely be interesting and exciting for the Indian readers. American Maharajah, by all means, is a novel which you must read and see for yourself that where the spiritual-looking journey of Ravi Shankar leads him. Will the spring come again?

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review by R. M for Ashvamegh

American Maharajab by Mark S Levy
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Mark’s novel, American Maharajah, is a novel which makes the readers realise that an aimless life is certainly not good and that hope has many dimensions and forms. Ravi’s life completely changes after his first Indian visit and a bond is established which draws him back to India once and for all! Read this Amazing novel right now!