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love, pain, realisation and love again…


Book – Amour: A Journey to find Love and Purpose of Life
Author – Anshuman Kashyap
Publisher – Evincepub
First Published – 2018
Pages – 116
Ideal reading for – students, youths, teens, those interested in casual love stories

amour novel AnshumanIn the recent years, modern authors have started tweaking the plot with the same destination to make their love stories unique and herald their arrival as a romantic but sensible author in the Indian world of English writing. Anshuman Prakash is one of that league and he has marked his entry with the novel Amour – A Journey to find Love & Purpose of Life. Well, the novel has a subtitle too and that’s surely long enough to give a glimpse of the plot… have you read the novel yet? I will be offering my experience and review for the same today.

The story of Ansh and Anjali, the two lovers who face difficulties in their way to union, is at the centre of the novel. Ansh has been kept in the light because he seems inspired by the author himself. A small town boy and a rich girl without a mother and a less-caring father… the guy with passion and desire… and the tweak comes in the form of a realisation that Ansh has at a point in the novel. He wanders around after a big problem that attacks his love life and during the same wandering, he comes across a wonderful experience and that saves the novel from being another usual and predictable love story of the day. For that wise and clever tweak, you might like the novel more than other ones you might have read recently.

Critical Qualities:
Language and narrative in the novel are simple and straightforward. The author has done very well in keeping the story of the novel a little away from too fancy or too classy language and tone because that certainly won’t sit home here. He has kept the novel a fit for the casual and the end-time readers who turn the pages, turn the pages really quick.

Message in the novel that comes out is a person should have faith in what he or she does with heart involved. Anshuman Kashyap hails from Bihar’s Sitamarhi and the impression of his upbringing in the homeland of Sita also gets a reflection because his father is co-operative during his hard times rather than being a bully or arrogant. Anjali’s relation with his father gives us an idea of what the world has become with a big void between the parents and the children of this new age.

Should you read this novel?
Indeed, you should. The novel Amour will certainly prove to be a journey to find love and purpose of life… Anshuman has made a good attempt in his debut novel and he deserves praise for that. However, the novel also suffers from the typical symptoms of modern authors. The good thing is that it’s not that voluminous and fat – it has only a few more than hundred pages and it won’t take long to be read…

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Amour by Anshuman - review
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The debut novel by Anshuman Kashyam is a good read for the youngsters and the lovers of romantic fiction…