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Book – Blood in the Paradise (a tale of an impossible murder)

Author – Madhav Mahidhar

Publisher – Frog Books (2016)

Page Numbers – 282

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Reviewed by – Alok Mishra


The title is ‘Blood in the Paradise’ and you must think it’d be some kind of thriller, fantasy or something which will blow your mind… But I should tell you, you are absolutely right! The book offers you a pleasant read – a tale full of feminism and an urge to come out of accentuated torture. And to come out of the torture that the woman in the novel is suffering, it needs ‘courage, determination and pursuit’.

Now you should also be informed about the subtitle of the novel by Madhav Mahidhar. The novel, Blood in the Paradise, is subtitled – a tale of an impossible murder. Therefore, you will also find a lot of adventure in the novel. Especially, the youths who want to read the novels with a lot of detective impetus will surely love the book!

To simplify the plot, there is a couple. The couple is not happy and they have some problems in the marriage. The wife keeps a diary in which she exposes the plans to commit suicide and also kill her children. However, in the course of the events, her husband is killed. Who killed him? This is the main fire in the novel and it will keep your reading ablaze to the end.

blood in the paradise

The feminism in the novel as well the investigative qualities of the police officer Vishwaroop is also kept in the proper proportions to give the novel a wholeness.

“I believe in the equality of women.” pp.277

There is a complete chapter dedicated to the interrogation of the convicted Madhumita.

“Have you seen cyanide?
“Your husband is alive?
“Did you want your husband to die?
“Did you fall in love when you were a teenager?”

And many more questions like these will appear on the pages once you reach browse through the chapters. There are the details which will give you a kind of visual experience of watching a movie… Those who love suspense, will surely love it!

How she faces the charges of murder? How she comes out of it and who helps her… reading the novel, you will find another important character Anupriya and her resolve to help Madhumita.

The murder took place; Madhumita is charged with it; she fights and she ultimately escapes the charges. How things take place is something that you will enjoy yourself as the story unfolds. You must read the novel and make your leisure enjoyable! Happy reading folks!