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Book: Bringing Out the Best in People

Author: Aubrey Daniels

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education, 2013 Edition 

Page: 272

Reviewed by: Sonali Ganguly


Behavior analysis is an integral part of the business world as it is the way to visualize the types of behavior and the way to develop the kind of behavior expected in today’s world. This Book is a brilliant work of Aubrey C. Daniels. The book spreads over 5 Parts several Sections and Chapters giving the idea of behavior analysis and getting the best in people. The detail discussions, theories as well as the techniques presented is really beneficial to understand the type of behavior and the power of positive reinforcement.

Bringing out the best in people Aubrey Daniels

Part 1 comprises of 3 chapters which focus mainly on the perils of traditional Management. It highlights on the previously implemented systems to get the best of people.

Part 2 having 6 chapters discussing about the four behavioral consequences and their effects – positive, negative reinforcement, Punishment and Penalty. The author has wonderfully defined the 3 aspects such as ABC(Antecedent-Behavior-consequence).

Part 3 divides itself into 4 chapters which focus mainly on the effective use of measurement to find problem employees, to enable employees to do better and it may also help in visualizing small changes. Performance feedback allows the workers to improve themselves. The author gave a model for problem solving which comprises 5 steps- Pinpoint, Measure, Reinforcement, Feedback, and Evaluate.

Part 4 has chapters highlighting different factors like need of setting a goal, understanding organization goals and shaping behavior accordingly. Producing quality again is a challenging task while dealing with people of different behavior. Several efforts are needed in managerial levels to implement it and inculcate the spirit of team work by nurturing the cooperative behavior through positive reinforcement. Next, he wonderfully emphasized in the successful rightsizing that is reinforcement of right behavior for right people at right time. This section also discussed on recognition of the quality performance, Reward, Reinforcement to the employee to get best from them ever.

Part 5 gives the guidelines for the need of developing leadership quality as well as polishing it as per the need of the time in order to make the employees give their best and to make the company the best among all.

In Bringing out the best in people, Aubrey Daniels describes the power and simplicity of positive reinforcement. He describes the practical, precise methods to help one implement a management system that will maximize the long- term Performance of every aspect of a company.

Positive reinforcement has everything to do with the consequences for the individual after he showed the behavior that we would like to see. To be able to change behavior, Daniels writes, we need to predefine both the behavior we would want to see in our organization as well as the consequences for showing them. The study of this book would serve as a guideline for the leaders and the entrepreneurs to understand and analyze the behavior and implement the effective methods to improve the work culture. It is also a guideline to develop the kind of personality needed in a professional set up.

This book is an appreciable attempt to help the companies to nurture the Positive reinforcement within the employees in every level which would prove beneficial both for the company as well as for the employees.