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they burn people alive… but why?


Book: Burn: Love, Passion, Hate 

Author: Christine D’Sylva

Publisher: Educreation Publishing, 2017

Page: 294

Reviewed by: Ashvamegh Staff

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Modern Indian fiction writing is exploring beyond the conventional outsets. The definitions are changing and this change is made possible by the authors who are looking ‘beyond’ the usual in writing. Another book which defies the conventional ideas and concepts of love has appeared recently in the market – Burn: Love, Passion, Hate, a novel by Christine D’Sylva.


Burn Love Passion Hate

This novel is very skillfully designed around the crimes committed by a teenage couple who are not accepted for their love by their families. A kind of psychological disorder that we all know by the name of Pyromania has been deployed by the author Christine D’Sylva to give a twist to the otherwise usual love story… this angle makes the novel a complete thrill!

The narrative of the novel is in symphony with the demands of the plot. The narration has also been kept for the quick readers who just want to finish the book as soon as possible and know the ending. There, the author wins the battle. She has told her story in a simple, comprehensive and a rather straightforward manner so that the readers can take home almost everything they read in the novel Burn: Love, Passion, Hate. The plot is constructed around the love story of a young couple – Jay and Ashwina. They both share the same passion – a passion for playing with fire, which, eventually, becomes the dangerous addiction to see the same fire burning people. With their ruthless love for fire, they go around and keep burning people and enjoy seeing them burn! However, it’s not clear why do they burn people around…

To let the readers be privy to the hidden secret, Christine takes them to the past and narrate the story from the beginning. Then only the readers will know that the childhood of these teenage persons was full of ‘fire’. They fall in love in college and then the family problems compel them to flee from them and stay together… but why do they burn people alive? How long would they keep their crime going on? Will the Mumbai police solve this mysterious case of serial arson?

There are many questions which the novel raises and the readers must find them out. As an author with so much experience and a demonstrated publication history, Christine D’Sylva has kept her salvo alive in Burn: Love, Passion, Hate as well. This novel has love; this novel has a passion for the love; this novel has also the portion of hate which readers will come to know in the course of their reading of the novel. To see the case unfolding and to know whether Jay and Ashwina stop committing their brutal crime, read this novel. You can get your copy from Amazon or even download the same in an ebook format for your Kindle readers.

Burn: Love, Passion, Hate by Christine D'Sylva
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The story of a pyromaniac couple – Jay and Ashwina. The novel will surely give you thrill and sensation. Do read!