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Book: Dance of Lord

Author: Neel Aruna C

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing, 2016

Page: NA

Reviewed by: Alok Mishra

Dance of Lord, as the title of the book says, is a book full of fantasy, fiction and probably improbables… you can say impossibles as well! Neel Aruna C, the author, has walked the talk that you see on the blurb of the book. As it goes, you are promised with a lot of action, mythology, fantasy, Goddess descending from the sky… and you get it all as you begin the book.

The major protagonists in the book are Vishwa and Sarwa. All other characters in the book are just aids to the plot which drives its fuel from these two central figures. As a debutant, the author of Dance of Lord has tried her best to give her attempt a hearty push; she has succeeded too, I must say. Yes, there are lapses, but you cannot feel anything else than reading the story once you start it… A bride from the moon, as the subtitle of the book conveys, comes from the moon to our earth and starts living with Vishwa, the male protagonist of the novel. The story becomes their whereabout, whatabout, whyabout and howabout. You will like it as it’s very interesting seeing a lady from the moon very common to our planet and living as usual as someone else can (sometimes, she will betray you too)!

You will see analogies and allusions from different mythological instances if you are familiar with those. For example, when Chandani (the pursuit from the moon for Sarva) follows these two in the form of a snake, one can easily be reminded of Satan who lures and troubles the first pair of the earth!

The story ends as a happy Bollywood movie – the bride from the moon unites with the man on the earth. The turmoil is pacified and things become easy. The author, Neel, she has almost followed the tradition of the first Victorian authors like William Thackeray. Neel has inserted herself into the narration and she would be providing you her inputs time to time (they are all very well placed but at times, you might feel a little annoyed too).

dance of lord neel arunaTo end the thoughts, this is a very fanciful story, almost like a children fairy tale where the prince and princess meet several troubles in the course of marriage. At last, they appear vectoring all the problems thrown to them and marry. Sarva and Vishwa are also the same. They are seen on the bed when the novel ends… you can enjoy this novel on a holiday and feel a little fresh (who does not get bored reading usual stories). Happy reading!