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Book: Deadliest Secret of Truth

Author: Arjun Kacper

Publisher: Educreation, 2016

Page: 222

Reviewed by: Alok Mishra

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The title is quite lavish… Deadliest Secret of Truth. However, the novel begins with a different spur and the reader begins to enjoy the strengthening bond of love between the major protagonists – a couple led by Jasper and another couple led by Asher. Jasper is in deep love with Sara Geis and Asher is in love with Cassandra. These two love stories along with the corporate challenges in the beginning in front of Jasper, the newly incumbent CEO of JT company, are the major focus in the beginning of this novel. However, with the arrival of new family members in the Thomas family, the scene begins to change. There is a bunch of characters, the most powerful one is the persona of Miguel – a person who is murdered, and the very search of the murderer is that ‘deadliest secret of truth’.

Deadliest Secret of TruthAuthor Arjun Kacper seems to be in love with dates as he begins this thriller novel on August 21, 1964. There is something wrong which is going in the background of the novel and then it begins with a new day on September 21, 1993. Within a span of three months, the novel ends on December 25, 1993. Nevertheless, in between, many horror events take place – there are murders, there is deceit, there is backstabbing, and there are secrets which were kept in unfathomed darkness!

Going through the novel, readers come to know of very deep secrets and they must enjoy what they read. The secrets unfold in a way they should be presented to the readers and along with that, there are other events going on. The family of Jim Thomas and Rachael, the parents of Asher and Jasper (later we come to know of Melissa and Larry as well) goes through many troubles. Jasper has to go to jail under the fabricated web of lies, initiated by Rob (a police officer) who later takes unfair advantage of the events and satisfies his lusty urges. He pollutes the chastity of Sara who commits suicide in the course of the events.

There are intrigues; there are family secrets; there is a chase of something unknown; and there is a lot of other thriller element which the readers of this modern day will surely enjoy. The readers who love to read detective novels should surely go through Arjun Kacper’s Deadliest Secret of Truth.

He promises another one to come in this trilogy which is entitled Secret Bed to Tears. This novel is a quick read because readers are intrigued enough to read further and further in order to find out what the secret is. The characters and plot are handled well enough (keeping in mind that the writer is a debutant). The language used in the novel might not seem for the first generation of readers – instances of swear words and the classic ‘f word’ have become usual for the modern authors and it is also the demand of the situation as the entire novel is set in the USA. The concluding scenes take us to London, however.

The readers who want to spend some of their hours resolving a murder puzzle which is filled with too many past connections, let’s get your hands on the Deadliest Secret of Truth! You won’t regret reading this thriller and would surely be waiting for the next one to come… Happy Reading!