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flowers and the thorns and the rain…


Title: Despite Stolen Dreams

Author: Anita Krishan

Publisher: FiNGERPRiNT Publishing, 2017

Page: 303

Reviewed by: Amit, Ashvamegh Staff

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“No one seemed to notice the solitary man with his face half-hidden behind the red collar of his jacket braving the piercing wind and walking through the avenue of trees as if he had no care in the world.”

Despite Stolen Dreams coverAnd this is how the novel Despite Stolen Dreams end… Anita Krishan has weaved a pure literary magic in her novel and she has driven the ideas home perfectly. I won’t comment more on the storyline of the novel because almost every other reviewer, seniors and juniors, have done the same – also provided the basic storyline of the novel and therefore, I won’t be doing that again. I would rather love to have my opinions conveyed.

The Idea – T vs P

I see it that way and the novel is somewhere near, if not on the same pedestal, to that of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. There is also a person who flees because of terror and have trouble settling down in an alien land and we have Wali here who is kicking restlessly on the Delhi soil because he is forced to flee from Kashmir and save him and his family members. Terrorism is common – here and there. Khaled, of course, is a different kind of writer but I will say that Anita is not far behind. Her writing style, absolutely different, creates the same impact on the readers. As a reader, I could empathise with Wali. I could feel his fear; I could feel his anguish; I could feel his disenchantment; I could feel his happiness when he comes very close to Kashmira’s family after his dear friend’s unfortunate death… Anita Krishan has transferred the character’s intelligence to the readers very wonderfully! And there is a clear war between Terrorism and Peace. Both the ideas clash in an ideological battle and it has been depicted very well.

Constructive vs Inconclusive Writing:

I have read many books on the theme of terrorism and I will say that most of the times, most of them are rather inconclusive and rather crackly presented. They tend to show us that we have all the failures in our hand and we don’t have any chance of redemption. Anita, on the other hand, in her latest novel Despite Stolen Dreams show us the path which is still having a little of the sunshine of hope. Her novel tells us that we can still hope for the love and harmony to prevail. And it makes the writing by her more responsible and more influencing.

A Message to the Readers:

You have to read this novel! There is no better way to experience something than experiencing something practically and a reader must read the novel to see for oneself that how beautifully things have been done. In the terms of characters, it is there on the above because the common or the commercial fiction are often weaved around 2-3 major characters. In this novel, you cannot take out even a single minor one! All are bound to the core. In the terms of plot and theme, it’s well constructed and very well conveyed. And the language, at last, will be a sheer delight for the fiction lovers! Go for it now!

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Despite Stolen Dreams - reviewed
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A novel which summarises the terrorism in the valley and also shows us some hope that we still have! A unique and masterpiece from Anita Krishan!