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Title: Elephants in the Room

Author: Suraj Laxminarayanan 

Publisher: The Write Place, 2018

Page: 600

Reviewed by: Prabhat, Ashvamegh Staff

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At Ashvamegh, we not only read the books but we critically get into the text to bring out the most for our readers and subscribers who are looking up to us for assistance in choosing their fictional and nonfictional titles. So, how did I like Suraj Laxminarayanan’s debut, Elephants in the Room? I will share all the details of my reading experience with the readers of Ashvamegh in this review article. I am sure it will benefit the readers and would enable them to make their decisions whether they are the right readers of this novel or not. Get it rolling!

Elephants in the Room coverSuraj’s book begins with a prisoner, a small-time pick-pocket, being out of the prison but still thinking about doing something that would make his life better – the black thing, the crude evil thing, the robbery or a loot. Fate turns and this robber makes a gang comprising some others who have also been offended by fortune and pushed into the wrong side of the fate-line. They team up and plan to rob a bank. Now, there are twists and unorthodox turns which lead the gang-in-line to trouble. There is a thrill; there is violence; there is crime; there is a soft side to the story too.

In simple words, this is the basic plot which drives the book. The novel is fueled by conviction to the crime. Moreover, the author has also written very much in a language that defines the inner beings of the criminals as well as their actions. So, in brief, narrative is the part that I liked the most. The plot is simple and straightforward save a few of the instances that actually find the readers shocked. Talking of the theme, I could not be certain whether the theme is in place or not. There are things going on but the author could not be easily decrypted with his theme – it’s rather tough to find one which could be universally applied to this novel.

Elephants in the Room, to be frank, was a good read for me. It was entertaining because of the sheer violence and sinister attitude of the characters who are named rather mysteriously. Though there are a few low points which make the novel a little dragging to the spot kind of work. The number of pages is too many to be read by the readers who are in a haste to know the conclusion of the things they begin. It becomes, at times, difficult to get the crisp idea and leave the chapter. So, the readers who are accustomed to knowing the crux of the novel without reading it whole might be in trouble.

So, my advice to the readers who are thinking of this novel is very clear. Read it only if you are able to read voluminous works without being distracted or detached from the flux of the fiction. The story, overall, is interesting and certainly, something to be enjoyed. However, certain halts in the novel might be a little more to be enjoyed because either those are overintellectualised or overtly inwardly.

I have rated the book with 3.8/5 stars because I had more reasons to like and enjoy it! All the best for your journey through Elephants in the Room. Give Suraj a thumbs up if you like his work.

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Elephants in the Room
  • Ashvamegh Rating


A very good novel to be read and enjoyed at least once by the readers of crime fiction and otherwise. The narrative is deeper than what one might expect from a first-timer!