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random thoughts on random things…


Book: Equations Of A Being  

Author: Ashutosh Gupta

Publisher: Notion Press, 2017

Page: 161

Reviewed by: Amit, Ashvamegh Staff

Buy the book: Amazon

Equations Of A Being (A Being Who Gathered Moss) is a book, newly launched, by Ashutosh Gupta. The author has been interested in capturing the caprices from the early days of his writing and this book is another example of his urge to do so. This 161 paged book has sudden thoughts by the author engraved in each of the pages of the book. You might be baffled if you are asked to put this book in the brackets of a particular genre because this book has no genre. It’s not a novel; it’s not a drama. However, this looks much like a book with an abundance of prose-poetry! And once you begin reading it, I am sure you will be interested in moving ahead and reading all the thoughts of the author.

Equations of a Being Ashutosh GuptaEquations Of A Being, as the blurb says, is a collection of the ‘author’s thought pieces pertaining to be the existential spectrum’. And that’s right. Ashutosh has written almost about everything he could. He did not try to tame his thoughts and bend them into any certain direction. He enjoyed the free fall of his emotions, intellect and wisdom. And thus, we have this wonderful book which tells you many things at once.

“Either we need a temple, or a virtuous friend, or a mind indulged in art. Having all three seldom serves an exclusive purpose.”

And through this book, Equations Of A Being, we have that mind indulged in the written art. Ashutosh Gupta has divided his book into 16 parts. Each part has a collection of thoughts on the title it boasts. He begins with his writing and goes on exploring all other things like feminism, women, tragedies and pleasures of being a thinker, conversation with crumbling humanhood… and several others.

This is a book which will surely be read in one go because it’s rather interesting and so interesting that in spite of not being a lucrative fiction, the book holds much of the thing called charm!

“Time and life don’t fight like warriors on a battlefield. They turn into seducers and each of them seduces to make us forget the other.”

What else could you want from the author? While he is speaking his mind in his odd-looking wonderful book, he is speaking for us all! I am resembling his thoughts and I am enjoying reading the book and I hope all of you will do…

“None of my musings is ingenuine.”

Rightly said, Ashutosh! None of your musings is ingenuine because it comes directly from your heart.

Friends, I will advise you all reading this book because this is not only a perfect one-time read but a collection of random thoughts which could be enjoyed time to time when you are doing nothing and sitting alone. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon. As a special partnership with Amazon, if you buy the book right now from link given below, you will get extra 5% cashback in your Paytm wallet if you send the screenshot of your order and Paytm number through a WhatsApp message to 8873371309.



Equations Of A Being by Ashutosh Gupta
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  • Collection of Thoughts
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Equations Of A Being is a perfect modern-day collection of random thoughts by Ashutosh Gupta. A perfect companion for the leisure, the book is absolutely a must read!