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Book: Greco’s Game: An Aleksandr Talanov Thriller¬†

Author: James Houston Turner 

Publisher: Comfort Publishing, LLC (1 September 2012)

Page: 321

Reviewed by: Amit, Ashvamegh Staff

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The US Bestseller thriller has finally come to India and it is ready to excite you, entice you and enchant you – bestselling author James Houston Turner has finally released one of his most successful spy thrillers in Indian market and it’s there on Amazon, you can go and buy it and then just forget every other spy fiction for the time you read Talanov’s heroics and his action-packed rescues, attacks, moves and almost every movement… I am sharing my experience of Turner’s novel Greco’s Game: An Aleksandr Talanov Thriller.

Greco's Game - Aleksandr Talanov ThrillerThe novel begins with an absolute action-packed scenario and we are introduced to our hero Talanov who knows all the moves to pin down his enemies who are rather stronger and younger than he is and right from there, the bar, his quest begins. He meets his future beloved there and it is also a strange and curious case that he falls for the same girl who drugs him and robs his pocket… So, we are getting all the things which could spark our read at the very beginning!

Important characters that you will meet in the novel are many and maybe it’s perfect (if you are one of those lazy bone readers) to keep a note about every character you meet in the course of the novel. For the hint, you will meet, Talanov, Larisa, Jade, Borzakov, Bill and many others. Some are there in the major discourse and some of the characters keep coming eventually and the novel, since it’s a typical and classic spy thriller, keeps widening as you read it and make progress.

For the starters, I will just tell you that Talanov is feeling guilty at the beginning of the novel and he thinks that his wife was killed only because of him. He is a retired security agent who worked for KGB and he got his wife killed by someone. He is in rage and anguish at the same time and that’s why he gets himself almost killed for the photograph of his wife. He meets Larisa, the lead female protagonist in the novel, who is also in a mess and she thinks Talanov could help her. (And he actually does.)

In this novel, Greco’s Game: An Aleksandr Talanov Thriller, you will not only find the fast-paced action scenes and spy-fantasy. You will also find the humanitarian aspect because the author is also a well-known journalist and he could not stop the shadow of his values for service from taking a shape out of the plot. Lucrative job offers, smalltown people, visa-passport issues, sex-slavery, prostitution, inhuman politics… everything is there which makes the novel move one step further than ‘just another spy thriller’ and it becomes rather wholesome literature which does not only entertain you but also lets you know the reality on the ground!

On a critical note, the novel is complete and it has an appealing narrative which can surely keep the readers enchanted and bound to the text until the very end. Once you begin reading, you surely wish to know what happens next and questions like will he live, will she die, who killed his wife, will he save her, will he find him… keep on forming inside the mind! This is the success of any author to create such huge curiosity among the readers!

I will say to my fellow Indian readers, now that the novel is there on Amazon, you should surely give it a read! You can get Greco’s Game: An Aleksandr Talanov Thriller in the Kindle edition for quick and portable read or get the physical book, which is quite attractive, delivered to your doorstep and treat yourself with a good read (at least for 3-4 days). Guys, let’s see what does our Talanov does the next!

Greco's Game: review
  • Themes in the Novel
  • Plot Construction and Justification
  • Language, Narrative and Continuation
  • Reader's Indulgence and Reading Pleasure


This Tuner creation is a must read novel by all means and you will but be amazed by Talanov for sure!