Book: I and the World Through My Eye

Author: Rohit Sood and Others

Publisher: Amazon Asia (Ebook)

Reviewed by: Rupali Kamari

Introduction: Student of 1st Semester, MBA, Lovely Professional University, Punjab.



Rohit Sood. I And The World Through My Eye. Phagwara: Kindle Edition, 2017. Each and every student is unique and best in their own way but all of them go through one or more similar situations during their journey of life. This book provides the deep knowledge towards the positivity of life and learning. Motivational and inspirational quotes and thoughts have been shared very beautifully to help the readers to reach their goals and achieve them with great endeavour. Various common questions related to life, education, carrier and time management have been answered which is very much helpful to the readers.  The importance of having good teachers around has been praised. A small conversation can also change one’s way of thinking and help the person to learn something new. This has been clearly highlighted in this book.

For a student, it is very important to be a good listener. Each and every guest lecture is always another opportunity to enrich knowledge. This has been proved by the important words of the worthy persons whose suggestions are quoted in this book. Knowledge about anything is more important than simply learning a thing as one comes across different challenges in lives. Positivity towards life is very important in order to pursue one’s dreams. One must think big and dream big in order to achieve something really great because if one nourishes small dream then the person often usually fails to achieve anything at the end. Terminologies which are discussed in our day to day lives can also be of great help to us to a great extent. One also requires to remember his dream all the time and then only it haunts him to his success and how it reality does so has been interestingly explained in the book. The eagerness to learn each day something new, talking to the people to have much more experience, focus and determination towards life is the key way to achieve success in life. Therefore, this is a worthy and must-read book for all the students.