Book: Kohinoor in You
Author: Mukesh Kumar Shahi
Published: 2018
Publisher: Evincepub Publication
Pages: 153
Review by: Amit for Ashvamegh


Kohinoor in You book review

Of all the motivational books I have read in the past, this one by Mukesh, Kohinoor in You, starts with a different note and continues on a different note as well. Moreover, it also ends with a different note. There is no one-sided lecture; there are no towering claims; there are no miracles like potato-to-gold etc. Everything that’s mentioned in the book is experienced or lived by the author or presented on the basis of hard facts. So, this honesty is something new that I observed in this motivational or rather neo-motivational book.

Largely driven by the personal life experiences of the author himself, Kohinoor in you aims at awakening the self-trust, confidence and motivation in the readers by various means – by reading good books, by picking great examples, by spiritual ways (inspired by religion), and by other scientific and abstract methods. As I mentioned earlier, this book is not simply a monologue; it offers interesting things in an interesting way which might click the readers who want to engage with the book. However, those conventional readers who just want to read and that’s it might not find this new method that exciting.

The language used by Mukesh is fine and it is in sync with the mood of the modern readers. It’s not classy but modern and fresh and to the tone – youths will catch it. For example, when he shares:

“In reality, I had died long ago. The real death is not of the physical body but of the ego, greed and attitude. That had happened to me long ago. That was to follow its own natural course.”

There is a message being conveyed and it’s a great message. The language, nevertheless, is rather simple and down to earth for the readers of the young age to understand the significance of the message being shared. If the author decided to take a linguistic high ground and talk tall, the readers might have missed a big part of his ideas. So, I liked the idea of Mukesh, the author, to keep things simple and reachable.

The content is very good. I, who is a regular and serious reader, found this book interesting and communicating. It talks about the simple things (which is called life hack by the youths) that you can do or change in your life to make ‘greater goods’ follow! And the author tells the readers only the things that either he has done or experienced and this way, the book is authenticated as well.

The readers who are interested in reading the things that make them think and do something, I will suggest them this book. It will give them some hours of thought and they will surely like it. Get your copy of Kohinoor in You by Mukesh Kumar Sahi on Amazon India from the link below.

Kohinoor in You - book review
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I am impressed by the content as well as the way in which the content is served to the readers. You will like it!