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an amusing but interesting account of a year in Ravi Gupta’s life


Title: L.O.L: Law of Luck 

Author: Natansh Goyal 

Publisher: Notion Press, 2018

Page: 218

Reviewed by: Amit, Ashvamegh Staff

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Have you read the latest Indian fiction, L.O.L: Law of Luck, by Natansh Goyal yet? If yes is your answer, you are probably one of those readers who always find themselves eager to check out the newer books with a variety of the market. If your answer is no, this book review is surely for you! Today, I am going to review the book by Natansh for the readers of Ashvamegh Magazine.

The take-off:

The novel L.O.L: Law of Luck begins with an abrupt note and we come to know the character called Ravi Gupta who is a ‘baniya’ and has come to attend the ‘shradh’ of one of his distant relatives, Jeevan Uncle. However, the ulterior motive was somehow ‘losing his virginity’ with his girlfriend but that plan did not come to a conclusion because Vaishali breaks off with him all of a sudden and shocks him with a bomb that ‘there is someone else’ in his life. Unlucky! That’s right about Ravi and even he thinks of himself like that. Before leaving for his hostel, his mother puts a diary in his backpack – Uncle Jeevan’s age-old diary. That’s the game changer, guys!

The Diary & the game of luck:

Screen LOL Natansh
a page from Uncle Jeevan’s Diary

Have you known about the law of attraction or something of that sort? People believe that if you want something so badly, the world works to bring that thing to you – that’s the basic law of attraction. In Uncle Jeevan’s diary, which begins in 1912, Ravi Gupta finds some basic rules and tries to apply it to himself and voila, the miracles do happen! He tastes the first success on the airport itself and then he thinks to use the law of luck almost in everything he has to do.

Other Hidden Meanings in L.O.L: Law of Luck:

So far from the things that I could gather after reading this novel, I will certainly consider that Natansh Goyal has written this novel with a definite motive – to represent the youths of the country who are frustrated in their lives because of so many things – love, job, blowing-pocket and so on… the young issues are so many! Once you will begin reading this novel, you will reach to the points where you will see Ravi indulging in bad means of getting some extra money such as betting in IPL; yes, the author has been honest enough about the things that happen with youths like us! Ravi’s craving to lose his virginity but accepting someone as a beloved who might already have lost her virginity is a clear indication that Indian fiction is moving away from the traditional norms where the leading characters in the novels used to be chaste and upright!

Why should one read this novel?

Read this novel by Natansh because he has offered his readers laughter, sentimental pages and also highly equipped metaphorical pages in the diary of Jeevan Uncle which can be very useful for the readers who are really interested in understanding the law of luck and applying the same to their lives. Other than these theoretical details, the novel is written in a very good language and the plot is also well managed. You can safely feel and classify this novel as something different from the ones in the lot.

Have a happy reading!

You can purchase the novel from the Amazon link below:

L.O.L: Law of Luck by Natansh – Amazon India

L.O.L: Law of Luck - Natansh Goyal
  • Overall Rating


I really liked reading this ‘different piece’ of fiction which allowed me to laugh, to feel like emotional and also to feel like frustrated and also like happily emotional… a diverse fiction which you MUST not miss!