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Book – Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy & Childbirth

Author – Dr. Tushar Dashora

Publisher – Oxford Book Company (2016)

Page Numbers – 166

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Reviewed by – Alok Mishra


I am one of those kinds of readers who don’t settle with a single genre; however, they constantly keep looking for a something which is constant along with the variation – and I call it ‘class’! Be it a fiction or non-fiction, there must be a class in the book so that it might attract the readers from different sects (based on age and interest). If the book misses that, we have all the liberty to call it by names. such as teen romance, business, motivational book, leisure fiction etc. Fortunately, I got a book to read last month which has it, the thing called class and it did not only appeal me, but also my father and other members of the family. The book ‘Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth’ by Dr. Tushar Dashora is an extensively researched book, or you may say guide for the parents, would be parents and simply anyone who want to know the spirituality involved in our existence.

dr-tushar-dashoraBeing a medical professional himself, he has done a remarkable job in giving us a widened passage into the realms of spirituality which we must know in order to understand the ’causes and effects’. Dr. Tushar has worked hard in collecting the mantras and instances from our ancient texts and literature. These mantras are very useful for expecting mothers who have a spiritual tuning with life. Not only that, the couples who just want to understand various other dimensions of pregnancy and childbirth, should surely read Tushar’s book. I also wondered how can a person be so authoritative of the things he is talking in the book, when I first saw the book. However, my doubts were clarified when I got a chance to discuss the book with the author himself. Dr. Smita Dashora, the wife of Tushar, and Tushar himself run a centre called Pretty Mom and this centre organizes various workshops for would-be mothers. All those well-tested practices are texted in the book form and thus, the author has the first-hand experience! You can also read Tushar’s interview here to learn more. Dr. Tushar Dashora

Spiritual Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth, to tell you what it contains, provides you the instances from Garbh Gita, Osho, Gibran, and various other mythological and religious texts. Also, the book talks about the karmic effects of abortion and very wonderfully guides the readers why we should avoid it.

Whether the expecting parents or not, just to spend some time in doing something worth, you should go through this book and understand what is hidden in our ancient texts about the progress of human life in the womb. You will surely be surprised to know the facts that this book will offer you. Moreover, the expecting moms will have too many things to make them feel better in the form of practices. However, do follow the instructions given in the book or you can also contact the author himself with the contact details given in the book. I hope you will have a good read!