Book: The Gunpowder Prince
Author: Michael Archer
Published: 2018
Publisher: Amazon
Pages: 132 (Kindle Ebook version)
Review by: Amit for Ashvamegh

The Gunpowder Prince is the real story of Captain Mirza Munir Baig, the person who saved the lives of many and won the battle of Khe Sanh for the USA during the tense days of Vietnam Wars. Serving as a radio operative alongside him, Michael Archer – the author was also present on the battlefield and the book is written in the first-person account of what he witnessed, thought and could later gather. In short, it’s truth being told by Michael which lets the readers know that the USA owes much to the Captain (who is no more).

This War History book also comes with a complete package – hero introduction, the dynasty of the hero and his qualities as shown on the battlefield in real time. Michael goes on explaining the art of war displayed by Captain Mirza Munir Baig in the dedicated chapters and all those will only make you feel that this hero might have been wronged by the system and the authoritative people. Michael, it seems, presents the other side of the Khe Sanh battle!

“David later wrote that, of all the Marines holding Khe Sanh against the NVA, none was more important to their survival than Baig …”

Michael later goes on to quote David, the famous war photographer. All those who were present in the battlefield remember the courage and tactics of Captain Baig. Most of the soldiers used to call Baig by a nickname “Harry”. They respected him and followed him because they knew only he could have won the battle for them – 6,000 against some 30,000 NVA personnel.

Captain Baig came from an ancient clan of warriors who have fought great battles and had made their name famous. He was born in India and was educated in England. To know his most famous battle is certainly something a great experience and it should interest and excite most of the readers. You will certainly like it and the way author has narrated the account of the war makes it even more exciting. You will get a real-life experience of the battlefield and also a punch of Michael Archer’s wisdom in his analysis of the situations pre and post the Khe Sanh battle.

I started this book just to give myself a little space between the fiction books I read and my tactics was more than merely successful. I enjoyed it. I got a little more educated about the conditions of the Khe Sanh. I also came across the political situations in India and the USA during the second world war that I did not know; and the most important thing, I got to know about the Captain who led a lost battle into a victorious one!

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The Gunpowder Prince - review
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A true account of the Khe Sanh’s impossible battle that was led by Captain Mirza Munir Baig who, single-handedly, turned a lost one into a victory. You will certainly like to know more about him… an Indian by birth, he had many qualities that Michael brings to light here.