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and the journey begins…


Title: The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems 

Author: Abhishek Goswami

Publisher: Notionpress, 2017

Page: 74

Reviewed by: Amit, Ashvamegh Staff

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The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems is the debut poetry collection by Abhishek Goswami who happens to be a full-time employee on a reputed post in a reputed MNC and yet, his passion for poetry writing has seen this happen! There are 35 poems in the collection The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems and all the poems are wonderful with varieties in themes and content. Nevertheless, an indifferent kind of approach towards life can easily be perceived in the nature of those poems. Critics have mentioned some of the instances as well and told that Abhishek Goswami represents a modern generation of poets who will be seen in Indian Writing in the coming duration.

The Lonely Drummer and poems reviewMy personal experience with the book has been wonderful because I got a meaningful collection of poems to read, after a few months if I am not mistaken! The collection opens with the title poem and it draws a beautiful picture of melancholy – the agony of being left dejected by the world which seems to have been devoid of art in the modern days… the collection fluctuates between pessimism and optimism – the bright and the dark – the good and the bad and the ride is wonderful!

Abhishek Goswami, like a mature poet in his very first collection of poems, has kept things so exciting for the readers of the contemporary poetry. When reader thinks that this is the pace on which the idea is driven, he changes it on the very next turn and offers something else to the readers to think about! Take a look:

“When happy while doing something,
That’s the mantra which success bring.
Marching ahead with vigor new,
Joys surround us, sadness bid adieu.”

With Abhishek, one thing that readers will surely like in his poetry collection is that he keeps it simple and very much near to a common reader’s understanding. For him, poetry is not necessarily to obscure or too much encrypted that it cannot be enjoyed and read at the same time.

“We are too small a fish to fry,
As every cloud has a silver lining.
It’s darkest before the dawn,
But it’s still worth to keep trying.”

I just hope that readers will enjoy reading his poems like they have enjoyed reading other contemporary Indian English poets like Thayil and Seth. Abhishek certainly needs to better his writing and his vision will automatically get broader once he settles down with the art. However, for the starter, this is so good! The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems is a collection worthy to be read and enjoyed and shared as well. Get your copies from the Amazon India link below:

The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems – buy from Amazon

The Lonely Drummer & Other Poems - review
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A good debut collection of poems by Abhishek! I hope readers will enjoy reading it and he will continue to better in the coming days when he comes up with other books.