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Book – The Mind Game

Author – Devika Das

Publisher – PepperScript (2016)

Page Numbers – 190

Buy the book: Amazon Link

Reviewed by – Alok Mishra


You might have read many motivations books and liked some of them as well. While a typical Western wave encapsulates us when it comes to like the motivational authors, we do like some of the Indian writers. In India, there are really only a few who can write well when it comes to motivating others in a simple and pragmatic way. Numerous emerging authors try their hand at motivational writing every year; some are read and forgotten; some never come on the scene… Today, I will be sharing my experiences with another new ‘motivational author’ who shows great signs of promise in her writing. These days, I have been reading a book The Mind Game written by Devika Das.

The Mind Game Devika DasTo begin, I would like to start with Devika’s words right on the ‘Author’s Note’ page:

“This self-improvement book aims to educate readers about the fact that life is given once and we must try and live it to the fullest.”

Isn’t this the truth? We all have a ‘once in a lifetime’ life! And what the author Devika Das promises her readers in the very first interactive instance, she truly carries it throughout the book – The Mind Game. For the best, she has divided the chapters under different titles. To let you know, some of those are: Mastering Your Emotions, Manage Your Anger Creatively, Analyzing People… etc. This division helps the readers directly in finding what they want to read if they just need to read a specific chapter about their interest.

And about her narration, I really appreciate that! I have read the authors, who, in the name of motivating the readers, take a moral high ground and observe the people as ‘something destined to be so’ and if I may say, they end up ‘harassing’ rather than motivating! Devika has well studied this fact and she has kept her language and tone quite friendly so that the reader gets ‘someone like me’ feeling while reading the book. Just for an instance, you can read on the page number 37 where she is talking about the solutions to deal with conflicts. She is interacting with the readers like a friend and obviously, you will feel comfortable while you read this.

The Mind Game is a complete ‘know and live your life’ kit for the readers from any point of view – elders who are seeking a happy life, youths who are struggling with their relationship, professionals who need the motivation to love their job and grow, a layman who is just willing to live the life to the fullest… She has dedicated a complete section to the readers who are worried about ‘office life’. Her section A Happy Workplace – The Secret to a Long Successful Career is very interesting, useful and truly motivational. I am taking the time to highlight this particular section a little more because most of the professionals aren’t happy with the office stress these days. Friends, go through Devika’s theory and you will surely find a solution to whatever your problem is. Moreover, let me also tell you that she has dealt with the issues quite realistic way. You will easily relate to the situations and surely find something that will make your professional life light and happy.

To conclude, I must say this read, after a long gap in reading motivational stuff, was very satisfying! I will rate Devika, surely, higher than most of the motivational writers I have been through (from India as well). Without taking the unusual holistic approach or a scholarly stand, she has kept things really simple. You will even find numbered points to directly tell you what you should be doing if you find this problem in your life and it will connect with you directly! That’s what the best part of the book is. Yes, at times, she has also taken the help of stories to clarify her point of view. To end, you will find the book ‘actually’ motivating. You will need not the second chance to finish it because it has been kept ‘boredom free’ that you can just finish in one go! Go for it – time to play The Mind Game!