Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

Year: 1999

Reviewed by: Mallika Pratap

Introduction: Student of 1st Semester, MBA, Lovely Professional University, Punjab.


“If you sow a thought, you reap an action. If you reap an action, you sow a habit. If you sow a habit, you reap a character. If you sow a character, you reap your destiny” is one of my favourite quotes from this book. As the author also says, it is the fable of fulfilling your dreams, living your life and finally reaching your destiny. It provides motivation and is a very inspirational tale which guides to live the life with compassion, joy and great courage. It also teaches to maintain a balance in life.

The fable surrounds around a story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer who confronted from his unbalanced life. On his odyssey of life, he learnt a powerful, practical and life-changing lesson which teaches us to develop joyful and wonderful thoughts. It incorporates the classical tool of transformation into a simple philosophy of living. It contains treasures of wisdom that can enhance and enrich the life of every single person. The mission of the author is to provide the reader with an insight of becoming a visionary leader which helps to transform their business into an organization which thrives in this era of change. It teaches to live your life to the fullest, nourish your relationships and also cultivates self-discipline in oneself. It makes the person reach close to the reality of life.

I really loved this book. It is very informative, easy to read and is extremely helpful in providing vision to a person. In this book, the author discusses providing a secret of lifelong happiness. He vividly describes by saying, “Life doesn’t always give you what you ask for, but it always gives you what you need” which showcases the creative writing style used by the author. Summing up in one, the book is a goldmine of common sense and wisdom.

I would like to encourage all to read this book because you will not only learn real-life lessons but will also get the correct direction for your own self. The book finally leaves with a lesson of life that, “From struggle comes strength. Even pain can be a wonderful teacher.”