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Book: The Protectors of Aesner

Author: Srinath S

Publisher: Invincible Publishers, 2016

Page: 210

Reviewed by: Alok Mishra

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‘Xibaak defence’ is at the peak in this intriguing novel! People turning into lions, monkeys, and other animals in this novel… yes, we are yet on the earth but that earth has changed and turned itself into a kind of dystopia where there is no trust. Countries do not participate in the UN assembly and the president of the United States of America leave the meeting with a warning of being prepared for ‘war’. (No, not exactly Donald Trump! I am talking about the fiction that I have just finished reading – The Protectors of Aesner.)

The Protectors of Aesner

Yes, The Protectors of Aesner, a thrilling & highly entertaining novel by Srinath S, has given me many shocks, many surprises and pure pleasure. It’s not a kind of simple adventure novel in which you find superheroes with undergarments above the pants defending the universe. Nor it’s a novel which falls into the basket of usual science fiction in spite of the readers finding Albert Einstein featuring in this novel! Yes, you got me right, you will find Albert Einstein participating in the heroics (backend) and helping the three protectors of the world who have been brought at one place by a league with good intentions. Karthik, the Tamil boy, Yuki, the Japanese and Dave, the tough guy from Hawaii meet each other in a dark imprisonment surrounded by modern electric fields.

The novel, though it would be interesting to watch it becoming a movie, takes us into different scenes very quickly – a flash and we are in India and another flash takes us to Egypt and yet another takes us into a football match going on in Japan. However, in a sudden change of time, the lives of three protagonists change completely. Karthik, who was running from his father to marry a girl he loved (Anjali), wakes up only to find himself in a completely strange place. Yuki, who was saving a child (really, a child) amid the earthquake, wakes up into the same reality as Karthik and Dave, perhaps he saw it happening! Dave was on a treasure hunt into the pyramids and he landed in a strange and advanced prison. The prison exposes them to the most shocking facts – Albert Einstein walking in front of them, strange people in the form of Herve, Cori, Dr. Mah, and many others. The three normal people, because of their strange DNA, become the Protectors of Aesner (or the world).

The main motive of these protectors is to save the world from evil forces – Claudia Helga, and rescue Xibaak from Rosellewen’s spell. Xibaak is a place which will be in the minds of readers for many days after the book – people are strange there… monkeys are grandfathers and giants turn overnight!

Bringing the science fiction leaning, there are fast spaceships, advanced cloning system and capacity to erase the memory of people. To conclude the content part – it’s a mixture which will delight and entertain the readers too much!

The narrative by the author Srinath S has been kept abrupt – it takes you on a kind of wonder ride where you see a lot of things in a flash and move towards another set of things real quick. This book is for all the readers who want to witness a possible dystopia as well as for the hopeful readers who want to see some saviours saving their world as well as for the readers who wish to have quick entertainment. My personal experience with the book was too delightful! Enjoyed reading it… take your copies now and finish this in just a read before you forget what happened in 1710 AD and what happened with that German girl who turned herself into an evil…