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Book: The Quest of the Sparrows

Author: Kartik Sharma & Nirmal Sharma

Publisher: Rupa Publications, 2011

Page: 274

Reviewed by: Ashvamegh Staff

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What might have been your reading habit? Reading the romances again and again? Reading the nonsense fiction again and again in spite of the inconvenience born by your head? Reading the same drab depicting how the bad is the world? Or something else? Today, I will be telling you about a book which I have come across recently. Having already heard much about The Quest of the Sparrows, I was too curious to read it and when I read it completely, was too eager to share this book review with many readers who are still trapped in the same old-fashioned contemporary fiction genre.


The Quest of the Sparrows

The Quest of the Sparrows, by the cover of the book, might deceive you by posing as a corporate fiction. However, the story is entirely different… it’s about the lives of people who want to truly understand the meaning of life. It’s about the life of one man, himself been through hardships of life, who changes many lives around him to gain a mass following and a base of disciples in the country as well as many foreign nations as well. The chief protagonist, just to say, we can say that Partibhan plays that role in this novel. He is a spiritual leader who inspires people not to take things as they seem – but rather experience them and see how it feels. He is the true preacher of Dharma, true messenger of Lord Krishna and a true changemaker who has even the power of persuasion which can change the minds of hardcore robbers to surrender! His aura is such magnificent that at one time, he almost outshines the passion for killing in his assassin!

This novel, The Quest of the Sparrows, does not offer so many things which are conventional in the contemporary fiction – no crude chunk of romance, no usual love story, no usual high-headed girl or less-witty boy… all that this novel offers you as a reader is a different read and a meaningful novel. You will enjoy reading this work so much and you will only leave it once you finish it! It starts with death, ends with a mourning and it goes on with so many pleasing instances which take place in the course of the narrative. The saint Partibhan is painted in full colours of a spiritual leader who can actually do some good work. He works for society and invests all his ‘goodwill donations’ that he receives in social welfare schemes – schools, colleges, hospitals etc.

However, it’s not as easy as that. What I revealed is just a part of the plan. How to become a saint? Is it really easy to become what you want to be? Does not temptation of this or that kind become a hinderance in your pursuit? Is what you are doing enough for your potential? Many questions like these are raised and answered in the course of the novel’s narrative… this novel as something for everything and everyone.

My personal recommendation would be to every reader – please read some real fiction this time! Don’t get deluded with guy offering his hand to the girl who is running on the platform – that’s just made up, not something genuine! Happy reading Ashvameghians!