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Title: With You; Without You

Author: Prabhat Ranjan

Publisher: Story Mirror, 2017

Page: 280

Reviewed by: Amit, Ashvamegh Staff

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Prabhat Ranjan’s debut work With You; Without You has been released on 29th of October 2017 and since then, the book has constantly been in the buzz! Whether it’s the reader’s response or some critical acclaim for the novel, something has always been coming Prabhat Ranjan’s way. Even the author himself has been in the constant buzz – author interviews, feature stories and special feature space have always been following him even before the release of his debut novel. Today, I am going to review his novel for the readers of Ashvamegh.

With You; Without YouThe plot of the novel isn’t loosely connected as most of the debut novels feature. The author has built his story stronger and we can see the same in his novel. With You; Without You meets the expectations of the readers likewise and it hits the reading conscience with the well-built narrative and the communication between the author and the readers is clearly visible without any delayed decoding as the novel uses simplistic terms to identify the emotions being applied by the characters… you will like the work!

Major characters in the novel are Nishind and Aditya and their common love interest Rami. Rami is an intelligent girl who loves her independence and wants to explore the relationships she has but with a clear intention of safeguarding her interests and her modesty. She does not give in as you will find in the case of most of the modern heroines in the novels who are just there for the sake of romance and nothing else!

Nishind is a guy who represents all the youths who are confused about whether it’s love or just something more than friendship or just a usual friendship between a guy and a girl. He does not understand the same and he also hampers a love story before it could even begin and then carry the guilt of the same to very far. On the other hand, Aditya is a guy who moves on with the time. He believes in enjoying the life to the full and does the same. Less emotional and more a practical type of person who turns out to be a narrow-minded chap as the novel progresses.

The setting in the novel moves from place to place and it begins in Lucknow and moves to Pune, Goa and other places. A moving plot does not let the readers get worked up or bored or dramatized excessively. Commentary from the author on the happenings in the novel With You; Without You might be construed as his personal opinions on the modern ways of life which you will be getting in plenty. To sum up, the novel is a well-written piece of literature which captures the attention of the readers and can be enjoyed as a romance which confuses itself and finally does the justice with the true lover as well as the beloved. For suspense’s sake, the author has introduced a game of the dual identity of the girl – Rami becomes Rashmi Desai in the second part of the novel and she tries to get into the minds of both – Aditya and Nishind and she discovers some interesting facts as well. Readers will surely like such instances.

You can get a copy of the novel from the Amazon Link below and enjoy reading this wonderful piece. You can also find the final ratings in the review box below:

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With You; Without You - Review
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A must read debut novel!