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Book – Woodland Poems 

Author – Douglas Thornton 

Publisher – LULU (2016)

Page Numbers – 80

Reviewed by – Alok Mishra

I received a book of poems from my friend Douglas Thornton in France some days ago. The first look of the book was impressing as I just hovered and flipped the pages. The poems by Douglas are truly wonderful! The collection of poetry entitled Woodland Poems contain the poems on various issues.

“The hearts of men rest
Far from where they sleep”

Look the beauty in the lines… yes, the titles of the poems might baffle or just perplex you because my friend is a French man. The lines in the poems are striking.

“There is a force connects on the end
Of all things, that before the end
We may learn of it, and to us define
Of beauty, love, philosophy:”

The poet Douglas has stretched the circumference of his poetry to cover as much humane ground as he could. He has selected his themes carefully and selected his words and phrases wisely to make his ‘poetry’ happen.

There are long poems; there are verse plays and there are single poems in the book and all of those are worth reading. The language flows in the poetry of Douglas Thornton smoothly and it makes them even more readable and enjoyable. Let me present an example of his world-selection:

“The moon had risen and fallen,
And now her native land betrayed
So many places,”

The visual landscape that the poetry presents to you makes your heart relax and equally enjoy the poetry at the same time. However, the thing that my friend has forgotten is that he could not attach any details whatsoever about himself. You just open the book and start enjoying poetry without really knowing what the poet’s credentials are – you just know the poet is called ‘Douglas Thornton’!

This is the something that Douglas should look at because people will surely want to get in touch with him when they read his poem. He has produced a great poetry collection and I would recommend his book to anyone who loves reading poems in the times when there is ‘peace’ and want for even more peace…