Colin Ian Jeffery | Featured Poet | March 2016

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Collin Ian Jeffery : Featured Poet : Ashvamegh, Issue XIV, March 2016


Colin Ian Jeffery

Colin Ian Jeffery (born 1942) is from Surrey, England. He is a prominent literary figure. His early life went through many deprivations. His poems are published in many anthologies, magazines and on many other platforms online.


Tiger, tiger, fierce and silent

Prowling through shadows of the forest

Camouflaged in strips of yellow and black

Blending in with nature’s symmetry.

Endangered by the hand of man

Poachers selling skin, flesh and bone

Being used as medicine by oriental people

Tigers are hunted to extinction.



Love must be set free

For this I know

That the caged bird does sing for flight

Dying captive

Looking through the bars.

Love must be set free

Coming and going as the heart does please

Without chains and bars

And remorseful for what might have been

Before made captive by a lover’s heart



Within the landscape of the mind

In solitude the poet walks alone

Composing with language of the soul

Creating images, inspiring thoughts

Bright and dark colours, the tapestry of human life.

Questions on how, why and when

Death, love, joy, misery, all senses revealed

Searching for truth walking purple storms

Taking the blows and turning the other cheek

Looking at the stars and seeing God.

Making beauty touching other souls

Memories sweet and bold, lovers not forgot

Time and space no barrier to the questing mind

Grief and loss given words letting tears flow

And the poet fulfils his role for the brotherhood of man.



My best times are with you and with you alone

When all my woes depart eclipsed by joy

And once again I see your face and transcending smile

Which stormed my heart so long ago before this love began.

And I am beguiled and amazed you are my lover and friend

Always beside me standing unmoveable like a rock

Within a sea with mighty waves smashing down

Standing undaunted before each hurricane’s howling force

Unafraid of the mighty blows rained from purple storms.

It was you who raised me from the inky darkness

Providing light for me to see and find my way

And all that I have now achieved is because of you

And when all seems lost, broken scattered by the wind

I think of you and call your name and all is right again.

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