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Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, Alok Mishra is a perennial student of Literature. He is a poet, author, speaker and academic coach. Alok is also very much inclined towards philosophy. He is 26 and has completed his masters in English Literature back in December 2014 from Nalanda College, Biharsharif. An achiever in his academic life, Alok bagged two awards of repute during his masters – the best student of the batch and also the topper of the batch. His other academic achievements include several awards in writing and speech competitions. Alok has been a sensible (and furious at times when required) debater since high schools. As an author, Alok has written two books – one in Physical form and another an ebook. Alok is also the founder of ILN – India Latest News group.

Talking about Ashvamegh, this flying horse came on the ground of reality on the call of Alok. Just after completing the masters, the urge of doing something for the literary enthusiasts hijacked his thoughts. After the required hows and whys and the discussions with his buddies – Ravi & Rahul, and brother Amit Mishra, Ashvamegh was set to fly high in January 2015. He has sustained and brought Ashvamegh Journal to fame with the cooperation of all the team members. He is pro-actively contributing to the magazine with his editorial leadership, book reviews and interviews with popular poets and authors.

Alok Mishra Editor-in-Chief Ashvamegh Journal

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Alok Mishra is the author of Being in Love… bliss or curse. This book, in the form of a novella, deals with the crime of honour killings in India. The book tries to explore the possible reasons of this heinous injustice. Also, Alok, with as little worldly experience as he had at that age, offers solutions to the crime. He has also published an e-book – a compilation of his early poems. Different anthologies, nationally and internationally, also bear the poems written by Alok. In this digital age when denying the due to the internet is impossible, one can also find his poems appearing on different websites and online art collections. As a poet, Alok has eventually shifted to rather abstract. Nevertheless, he writes about almost everything! However, he has a different perspective.

Alok Mishra Poet Author Ashvamegh

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A constant learner of philosophy, Alok often indulges in arguments, debates and conversations with his friends, father, and academicians. Blood and bones a debater, he has participated in many debate programs. Moreover, he also hosts debates in his library every next evening. To him, indulging in conversation is the only way by which people come to learn new things easily. In his words:

“Whenever I finish my discourse, be it a particular fiction or a theory, I love to let people loose and participate in a debate. It lets them (and me of course) explore all other possibilities of the interpretation.”

Alok Mishra Debating issues

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He is a speaker who loves to open up on any subject. However, most of the times, his discourse are on literary perspectives as his profession of an academic coach allows. Nonetheless, he actively presents his ideas on religion, modernism, and other issues very fluently. Since the high school days, Alok has been constantly participating in speech competitions. He is a keen participant of the seminars and workshops also.

Alok Mishra speaker and academic coach ILN Group

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In his personal life, Alok Mishra is an old school person. He is anti-alcohol, anti-smoking, vegetarian but a ‘moderate in thoughts’ personality. He listens to those 70s and 80s classics and admires Messi in sports. Sachin is his childhood hero. Moreover, Alok is an explorer and loves to visit new places.

Alok Mishra Adventure enthusiast