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Nidhi Sharma

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Convent educated Nidhi has been writing poems and taking part in debates and skit competitions since her school days. She is an English Honours from Delhi University. She went ahead and completed her Masters in English in 2002. She is interested in reading the literature of different genre since teenage years. She has a keen interest in Hindi Literature also. Anything poetic interests her. She has an artistic taste and her articles used to publish in school and college souvenirs. As a teacher, she prepares senior secondary level students for state level declamation and debate competitions and has won several accolades for her Alma Mater. With 16 years of teaching experience, she is currently an English PGT with a missionary institution.


As a full-time teacher and part-time blogger, she has received several recognitions during her career. These recognitions and acknowledgments also include Appreciation Certificate from Hon Mrs. Smriti Irani (former Minster of Education, Govt. of India) for preparing outstanding Pupils for CBSE grade 12thEnglish examination and producing excellent results. 


On the writing part of her career, Nidhi sometimes tries her hand on poetry as well as producing quality papers on literary issues and articles. She does own a sense of writing as well as examining the writings.