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Editorial : Issue IX : October 2015 : Alok Mishra

Do you believe your words can bring change in the world? Do you think your thoughts have the potential to influence the minds of readers? Have you faith in your pen? Does your imagination move swiftly enough to make others feel the blow? Did you say yes? Come with us…

Dear readers, contributors and visitors, I am delighted to make the announcement of Ashvamegh’s first upgrade. We are going to upgrade the design and look & feel of the journal. As of now, the major focus of our design will be on the user-experience. With time, with the increase in the volume of inputs we have from the contributors, I have personally felt that the present format of the website
is not adequate. Ashvamegh will upgrade to a better environment with all new design and ease for the visitors in perusing the website. I hope you will like the new Ashvamegh to come very soon. I request you to bear with us if you do not see all the pages of this website at some point of time from or this month onwards. You will be able to send your submissions on the email address as normal.

Keeping the things short, I congratulate all the authors and poets published in our October issue. I appreciate the enthusiasm of the contributors.

Hope the things will be going smooth forever.

Alok Mishra