The Editorial Message for Issue VII : August 2015

How much I can pretend or try, but the enthusiasm of our first issue with an ISSN will always linger throughout my address. Indeed, this result is the consequence of dedicated hard labour and serious effort of our team and all our contributors. Nevertheless, what the beauty is that remains unseen! Therefore, the lion’s share in this success goes to all our visitors who have supported our venture to the full by visiting and commenting. Now that we are an official international journal dedicated to the restoration of interest in literature, we are delighted; we are excited; we are more dedicated and at the same time, we feel the most responsible about our duties. We are gaining recognition; we are getting impression; we are being talked about; we are being discussed about; and in simple words, we have now touched the firs circle of literary revival. We hope for more support from you in the coming days; we expect more contributions from you in near future; and we always welcome suggestions, inputs and advice from you about the improvements to add in our efforts.

On a personal note, I am indeed overwhelmed with the joy of announcing our first issue with an ISSN that will be kept in the records for forever. I am thankful to all the contributors whose works have appeared in this issue, and also to those who have shown the interest to submit their works to us. About the last issue, I owe my thanks to the poets and authors who have given me the time to have a discussion with them about literature and various topics of literature. I am also thankful to Mr. Kevin Kiely, and madam Carmen Tafolla, the poets and versatile literary personalities who have agreed for an interview for Ashvamegh.

At last, let us celebrate the first step towards an attempt to the revival of interest in literature. Read, ponder, enjoy and do add your comments once you are finished with the issue.

Seeking you support, always,

Alok Mishra



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