Let’s Live by Richa Tripathi

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Let’s Live

an essay by Dr Richa Tripathi
published in Volume IV, Issue XXXVII, February 2018

Don’t you all agree that we all should work more on being ‘being’ rather than ‘looking’? People now days are working hard and hard in looking more professional, advanced, beautiful, smart, handsome, pretty, brave, hardworking, moral, ethical, strong, etc. in spite of being. Governments, parties, courts, administrations, everywhere people are projecting and focusing more on looking punctual, discipline, legal, systematic, rational, etc. Likewise, people are feeling happier in looking happy to others rather than being happy in a true sense.

We can not deny this fact that because of these technological advancements, we are blessed with the gift to capture our precious moments, to feel extra secure and to feel proud of human enterprises. But at the same time, we are forgetting where the rule book is. We are wasting our lives in capturing those moments rather than being present in that moment with our loved ones and living actually in present with those moments. We are living in a hypostatically virtual world where we want to console others for our happiness through various mediums. People are clicking pictures and selfies to look happier, cheerful, pretty, enthusiastic, energetic, lovely, rather than being in reality.  Couples are trying to look more in love to others rather than being in love with each other. Some are dying and rest are busy in clicking pictures, making videos, MMS, GIF for getting more clicks, likes, shares etc. What is it? Capturing the moment or destroying it. The more we try to virtually connect without limit, the more we will be disconnected not only from one another but also from ourselves.

For the sake of advancement of civilization, we are surrounded by technology everywhere; we have technological waves, gadgets, equipment, etc. But for what? Just to explore more and more and more without any limit. We all are being unsatisfied and this temperament leads use to the never-ending journey where we have forgotten to live for true happiness and pure satisfaction. What are we seeking? Is it progress, development, success, growth? There are endless possibilities but we should not forget one thing that in the comparison to the endless universe, we are nothing. We have also no boundaries for our desires but we have one thing in common and that is a limited time. We are lacking in it. We are lacking time. We should ask this question to ourselves. Are we living or look like we are living. Now the time has come that we should ask this question and we should start working on waiting for the incarnation of namely god to purify ourselves and to teach us how to live in a true sense.

We all should stop acting and should start being real self. People are dying every day from looking rich rather than being rich. If people will work more on looking rich, they will end up making more and more money for their future ancestors but if they will work on being rich, they will end up in doing good for mankind.

Will you remember a person because of his richness or because of his goodness? Stop this practice of acting. Don’t waste your time in looking like living and consoling others for your happiness. Focus more on being happy and in true living.

It is not untrue that technology is making us all half blind because we don’t know where to stop and excess of everything is bad and we have already exceeding too much.

We are creating a generation where they are learning that clicking selfies of a smiley face will make them really happy. We are lacking in telling them the true essences is lies in being one. Why?

Because we are busy in looking good rather than being good.

More and more logic and less and less emotions, technology are teaching us all. Ask a question and seek and justify that answer which is suitable for your habits, desires, preferences and attitudes, views etc. The question is that when will we stop? When will we awake? We have become very good in giving logics just to satisfy our senses, emotions and egos.

We can not live alone that means we are living for one another so individual desires are secondary society or world. The global perspective is primary.

What should be our objective in life? Knowledge or nature, will you build a long relationship with someone, just because he or she is knowledgeable or he or she is good in nature as a being. The first and foremost objective is to become a good hearted person and serving to humanity than we should focus on becoming a good scientist, teacher, entrepreneur, administrative, officer, manager, parents, etc. First focus more on being more human-like we expect from our Almighty to react godlier. Earth will take just few thousand years to restructure itself without human race so we never know till when we will survive. Your efforts are just a matter of time. Focus more on adding value to your lives by living more happy and satisfactory life.

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