Poems : Issue X : November 2015 : ISSN : 2454-4574

Poems published in November 2015 Issue of Ashvamegh Journal

Read below the poems of selected poets in the November 2015 issue of Ashvamegh.



Read Poems by Rachana Pandey

Rachana Pandey, Poems


That Day

That day will come

when KNOTS will not remain an obligation

when Age will supersede everything else.


That day will come

When familial responsibilities will pass to the next,

when Age will supersede everything else.


That day will come

When work will take retirement itself,

when feeding and caring will pass to the next.


That day will come

When you will be encouraged

to meet, to “pass” time with your dear ones.


That day will come

When TIME will no more be a factor, an obstacle,

to stop you … rather it will become yours!

When Time will be in its last phase,

The last phase, the most beautiful it will be …

I believe.


Yes! That day will come

when we’ll meet, we’ll live together

till my ‘forever’, till yours ‘forever’

till the end of the light of the world.


I Am Alive

Switch on, switch off!!

Smile … no, no! Emoticons!!

Feeling… no, Status updating!!

Breathing … nah! Always ONLINE!!!


Switch on, switch off!!

We have life behind the screen, don’t we?

We do have love, life, friendship behind screen, don’t we have?

But …

Ah! Switch off actually to recharge oneself,

Not on data base, not virtually but

Lively, soulfully, with blood and emotions …

There might be a way

Yes! There might be …



Rachana Pandey, An Introduction to the Poet

Rachana PandeyRachana Pandey belongs to Varanasi, the city of Ghats. A senior research fellow in the department of English at Banaras Hindu University, her research areas are Indian English drama, feminism and gender studies. She has published some insightful research papers in different journals.



Read Poems by Puja Chakraberty

Poems by Puja Chakraberty


Betrayal and Forgiveness

 Revenge is like an ever-bemoaning shroud

The more you seek, the more hollow and bleak

So now, I grant forgiveness unto thou

And let my soul rest in peace.


Repentance and grudge adorn the fool’s brow

Blurs his vision, casts him weak.

So try as you might and force me down

I will climb and flag the mountain peak


I shall not let the past govern my present

I am who I choose to be

And not what you can make of me.



 Weep aloud my faithful tears

For thou art my only solace and company

The observer of my pains

The chronicler of my glee

So howl and sob and beat thy breasts

As oft as thou can be

For when the storm departs after a lull of sombre agony

I shall find you there like the glorious sunshine

Leading me towards victory.



Introduction to the poet, Puja Chakraberty

Puja ChakrebartyPuja Chakraberty is editor and writer at Upwork Inc. California, United States. She is an internationally acclaimed Larkin scholar, a prolific writer and an accomplished poet. She has authored a number of research papers, articles and works published in national and international journals and publications worldwide. She is also the author of a number of academic books, Understanding William Skaespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra and Hamlet: A Parapsychological Reading to name a few.

Read Poems by Churchit Naib

Poems by Churchit Naib


Lend me my childhood

Lend me a week of those days

When our thoughts could soar the sky

With head held up high.

When eyes dripped of innocence

And tongues loathed cries.


Lend me a day of those times

When mother’s lap was a pillow of mine

And father’s pat could make us fly

When our worries flew away like dust

Off a carpet we dirtied with mud.


Lend me a second

Of that childhood picture we hung

On walls that sung

The ode to distant times.





Hello Kid

Hello Kid!

Are you watching us?

We spark your life

Are you feeling us?

We carry your diminished pride

Are you praying to us?

We are the shadow of a curtained smile

Are you reaching to us?


Hey kid!

Isn’t  there another of our kind?

Is there?

Don’t you overlook their strikes?

Do you?

Can’t you carve external lies?

Can you?

Won’t you fool another eye?

Will you?


Hey kid!

Try not to look past the sky!

We are the ones who make your life!

Let’s close these innocent open eyes!

We will snatch your Golden Pride!

We will bury your senses alive!

Cuff your third eye!


Hey kid!

Don’t worry!

You will see the world Just as Fine.





Introduction to the Poet:

Churchit NaibChurchit Naib is 22, from Delhi. He is an engineering student who happens to be an aspiring poet. He has been travelling with his family since he was a small kid mainly because of their job, and hence, he is a little multi-cultured and easy to get along with. He started writing since fourth grade because of a teacher who helped him understand basics of poetry (this was when he lived in France) and since then it has been on and off. Now he has become more and more interested in writing poems and it’s basically what he does to vent out his thoughts. His work is simple and complex at the same time. A little dark at times.



Read Poems by Ogana David

Poems by Ogana David




What is of salt stays in salt

what is of flesh stays in flesh

but what will be if things shrivel

when the salt is added to the blood

the body breaks then,

emptying souls?

the salt becomes the Alt

and the flesh the essence –

what is left untouch

is now movable

we feel the spring

in sleep.

The night in a pyjama

wanting my legs to bed.




The wanton boys spin

some citrus seeds

in the late spring amongts

garden flowers

that grow slowly

exploring roots in metal bars

some lemon grooves

of the wood magnet in

a tensile stress

makes it a pushing jack

spinning lime tree or

into flesh as it meat in meat.

The hand drive that

pushes seeds

into the deepest ground

are spoilt fingers

as of all ages; the boys freezes


we manage to raise each


from clay pots, in the potting




Introduction to the poet:

Ogana D. Okpah is a Nigerian obsessed with writing poetry and the art in general. He is an undergraduate of Plant Science and Biotechnology studying with Nasarawa state university, Nigeria. He has been published in The New Black Magazine, Africanwriter.com as well as Former People Journal: a journal of bang and whimpers. He is currently awaiting publication elsewhere.