Socrates and His Fretful Wife | Bimal Kumar Mishra

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Socrates and His Fruitful Wife, Short Story, Bimal Kumar Mishra

Published in Ashvamegh, Issue XVI, May 2016

Introduction to the Author:

Bimal Kumar Mishra is a well-known poet from Bihar. He writes in Hindi and English languages. He has been the topper of Patna University during his masters in English literature. He has been felicitated with Munger Siromani award for his writings.




Once Socrates, the great philosopher was wrapped in preaching to the disciples.

He was engaged incessantly in his inculcation He never minded the late hours of night

At midnight, his wife advised him to stop preaching. But Socrates did not pay heed to her words .He went on preaching till deadly night. After some moments, his wife scolded him. She wanted to teach a lesson top him She carried a bucket of water and poured all the water on his head but no resentment was reflected on the face of Socrates. All the students present there were stunned at the wickedness of Socrates’ wife. But Socrates was not at all jolted. He never abused or showed detestation, but went on laughing on her deeds. He called his wife as his preceptors.

She took the examination of his patience, and he passed the test with boldness. Hearing the views of Socrates, she left ashamed. Hastily came out and fell on his feet, and showed repentance before all.

And Lo! She now was a changed lady and remained faithful to him till her life.


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