The Scent of the Monsoon

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The Scent of the Monsoon…

An essay by Dr. D. V. Raghuvamsi, published in Ashvamegh, June 2017


The idea of getting drenched in afternoon showers of a monsoon day remains an ideal concept with no turns of practical presence, for the tracks of commercialized trends of living overtaking the noble instincts of human soul. The preoccupied moods of stress hardly provide space for the skins to feel the droplets of lashing rains. It appears to me that even the physical elements are in no way prepared to accept the pleasures of life as they have evolved their senses to respond in an appropriate manner. The transforming perspective with its base on the aspects of global warming has taken a toll on the perceptions of human interest.

In fact, I have my own experiences when I hesitated to soak myself in the early monsoon for I happened to absorb the issue of the impending dangers of acid rain that the media is trying to focus on. The root of this view has surpassed the rational and casual thought process and got imprinted in the deeper instincts of my mind that I have developed a fear to enter the precincts of early showers.

The concept of developing a harmonious relationship with Mother Nature has taken a back step, with no scope to transfer the essence of nature, irrespective of the fact that it stands as a cause for human existence. It turned out to be a separate entity losing compassionate approach. This alienation would bring with it a sarcastic and tremendous impediment that would reverberate in the years to come.

My grandfather is apt in forecasting the downpour by just having a glance at the fully glowing sky. But the scenario has changed. The mood of global warming and the summits convened by the sophisticated representatives of the different powers of the world where ego factors dominate the purpose would no way mitigate the pouncing threat. The change has to start from an ordinary citizen and a tender mind which should move on to understand the modes of the world. The idea of uniting the five elements of nature to get in tune with the concept of spirituality has yielded results in the ancient ages. It is hard to germinate this idea now but the concept of adopting a piece of land in the colonies and carrying out the responsibility of nurturing the tender beings of the ecosystem if encouraged by giving concessions to the bills of the usage of power and other sources would certainly reap the benefits.

Identifying our senses with nature and becoming a part of its usual course and developing an aesthetic approach would assist man in probing deep into the hidden treasures of life through which we can evolve a path which catapults our energy levels and supports our physical and psychological growth. In fact, there are many instances where I could recoup all my energies by just presenting myself before a ball of fire in my backyard. It would surmount courage to combat the pessimistic inclinations in me. Though it appears to be an illusionary concept, the power which I could absorb from it would certainly resolve the perennial problem.

The same thing happens with all the other four elements of nature, which in some way serve as stress-busters and pressure-relievers to assimilate the essence of life.

The irony is that there is a vast sphere of exemplifications by God playing on the stage of nature, which we fail to identify, and this gap has resulted in a catastrophic difference in the normal patterns of life.

We all know how the seasons symbolize the different phases of life which would go for a metamorphosis in the core of a human soul. The mesmerizing sunrise, the cascading streams, and a serene winter morning have something to teach us.

Let us not shift ourselves from this eternal truth and create craters in nature, for we don’t have valuable possession other than nature.

Protect nature, be with nature and let the human instinct germinate from the burrows of ignorance, with the roots of the idea of co-existence and nature as its manure.


Introduction to the Author: 

Dr.D.V.Raghuvamsi has been working as Assistant Professor in Maharaj Vijayaram Gajapathi Raj College of Engineering, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. He obtained his doctoral degree in Indian Writings in English from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. He has 9 years experience in teaching English Language to graduate and postgraduate students. His interests include penning down short stories that offer a bird eye-view of the varied faces of human psyche.

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