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by – Don Crawford
Published in December 2017, Volume. III, Issue. XXXV
It has been said the human mind can imagine anything imaginable. In Joseph Wood Krutch’s famous article, “Why I Am Not Going To The Moon,” he talks about the way of space travel and why have government or science chosen to do some of the things they do. He quotes John F. Kennedy when asked about this moon travel subject, JFK answered, “Because it is there.”
            At one point Krutch states, “Science encourages the now almost universal belief that science is omnicompetent and that any problems that cannot be solved by the scientific method   . . .  are simply unsolvable or essentially meaningless.”
            Krutch asked the question, “Just because some things can be done, should they be done?”  Space travel, for example. How many technological advances are truly justified in terms of possible alternative uses of the monies involved?  What are our modern values and what are some things to do that are most important for the welfare of humanity?
            Ever since the latter part of the Atlantean civilization, material things have outweighed spiritual things. This continues today in an ever-increasing degree over olden times. True, we are in what the Hindus referred to as the Kali Yuga Age, one of four, this being the grossest, materialistic of all of them. Yet, the human race has now developed in this fifth Root race more mentality than at any other time in human history.  Previously, humanity was almost totally dominated by their emotions. Even today, the emotions outweigh the application of the mind, generally speaking. This refers to the habitual location of our consciousness. Where in the human body is the consciousness of the majority directed? Speaking of the seven major etheric chakras, the solar plexus is the seat of our emotions and base human desires. The goal and the need are to transfer and upgrade these solar plexus energies into the heart chakras, the seat of the higher emotions, like universal love, compassion, empathy, good-will, and right human relationships, which has never yet been fully accomplished on this planet. These higher emotions are the teachings of the Christ and are representative of the Love of God.
            In like manner, all the lower chakras, those below the waist, need to be transferred to those higher ones above the waist, as just given. The sacral center chakra, the seat of physical procreation, need to be transferred to the throat chakras, which is the seat of mental creation. Observe today, as compared to our earlier history, the plethora of creative activity. Almost everyone with a computer has the ambition to write “the great American novel,” or some such. Look at the amount of visual art in today’s world. This is not to say that most of these efforts are less than useful for spiritual purposes and when asked why they did it, they mostly answer, “Because I can.” They are being goaded by something not fully in their consciousness.
            In our Bible, mention is made of the “Spirits Before the Throne,” There are seven of these. (Revelations: 4-5.) In the Orient, these are called Rishis, and the Occultists refer to them as Rays. Each Ray is governed by a “Ray Lord,” whose energies are unique to himself, but all Rays have effects on humanity. For example, Ray V, “Scientific knowledge,” is very strong in this modern day. These are the energies that are the Cause of today’s increasing interest in creativity: the throat center. Of these seven Rays, five are usually in manifestation at any one time; two usually dormant. They correspond with the Ages of the Zodiac, and the energies they bring to humanity strongly condition the events of their Age.
            The Piscean Age, a masculine age, corresponds with Ray VI, “Devotion and Idealism,” became dominant two thousand years ago and brought about the creation of Christianity. Devotion was to be given to the leaders of the church and their ideals of what constitutes Reality. This Ray is swiftly moving out now and we are moving into the Aquarian Age; a feminine Age, correspondent with Ray VII, “Ceremonial Organization and White Magic,” and will bring about major changes in our whole reorientation toward life and the purpose of human existence on this planet. This age will see the second coming of the Christ to humanity, along with many new and needed revelations which will change the way humanity thinks about the self and others and how the world “works.” Order will come out of Chaos and will seep throughout every human endeavor. The “white magic” part has to do with the “Act of Creativity;” turning “thought forms” into manifestation.
            Here is a list of the seven Rays:
  1. Will-Purpose==Ray I (Out of manifestation)
  2.  Love-Wisdom==Ray II (In manifestation) (This Ray governs planetary, Logoic life)
  3.  Intelligent Activity==Ray III (In manifestation for a long time) Governs humanity)
  4.  Harmony out of Conflict==Ray IV (Due to emerge around 2025)
  5. Scientific Knowledge==Ray V (In manifestation, but gradually going out)
  6. Devotion and Idealism==Ray VI (Piscean Age) (Rapidly going out of manifestation)
  7. Ceremonial Organization and White Magic==Ray VII. (Aquarian Age; coming In)
            The present Keynote of both our solar system and our planetary system are governed by the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This means humanity is increasingly overcoming its selfish self-consciousness and self-serving and beginning to develop a group consciousness (which is that of the Christ) and making conscious choices that are motivated by what is best for the whole of humanity. This is the most potent Ray in manifestation at this time. Ray III, Intelligent Activity is the keynote for the whole of humanity and has been in manifestation the longest of any Ray. Ray I, representing the Will of God, is the most powerful of the Rays and contains both God’s Will and Purpose as well as destructive forces which will one day bring to humanity the purpose of our existence on this planet as well as its destruction at the end of this world period.
            Just a final word on the Rays that has to do with “Mankind Know Thyself.” Each human entity was born under one of these Rays and remains so throughout all his/her reincarnations on this planet. This is called the Soul Ray. Each of the other aspects of a human entity also fall under one or other of the Rays: Personality Ray, Mental Ray, Emotional Ray, and Physical body Ray. To truly know thyself is to know all of these Rays of one’s being. This is one of those things that not only can be done, but should be done. Most of the things that can be done in modern times shouldn’t be done. For example, our government puts partisan politics before people. Individual politicians, who should being asking, “Is this idea the best for the whole of society,  or for a greedy few? We are in a “Crisis of Ideologies” in this world, where again negative ideas seem to dominate. And, emotions still trump clear thinking. Without clear thinking, there is confusion, and confusion is too prevalent across the board in our materialistically dominated world. It is time for a revolution of spiritually dominant concepts, which is the future of humanity. End
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