This is the only Way

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Introduction to the poet:

Baljit SinghDr. Baljit Singh has been a tutor in Economics at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia for 12 years. He has completed his PhD in Economics in 2002 from the same university.

He is interested in singing and poetry writing as well.

Below you can find his poem.




This is the only way

There is no other way

When you came to your wife and children

You confirm your way

Daddy comes back from duty

Mummy on her way

To bring children from school

This is her way

Dinner gets ready

This is mummy’s way

India or Australia

There is no other way

When daddy comes back from work

He does not forget his way

Children hug their daddy

Mummy would seem them play

My eyes were blooming

When I saw you coming their way

I was blessing you

Live with your family

All the way


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