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My friend me and enemy

You are a liar, will fire you fraud.

Whimsical beast, at least, take care

Of you nice, breaking ice, mind broad

Make yours selfish, I wish! not that fair.


Blue dream, makes me scream, oft you show.

Are you blind? young mind, not that calm.

You add wire to the fire, how can I go?

You must pluck, my bad luck, says my palm.


Within me, just see, how happy you are.

Even if you try, won’t let you cry, my soul.

Till my rich death, till last breath, be like scar.

No one want I, you are the guy, my world whole.


Without you I must go, tell me how far?

Oh! my friend, my inner soul you are.

By – Suman Jana



From leaves of green,

To the darkest of corners,

A glistening sheen,

A contagious aura

Entangled in harmony – Friendship

By  – Neharika Baswa


Friendship Poem

Life’s leanest moments in all that’s black and white

Singular bounty of living memories ever within my sight

Cajoling goading leading from darkness to light

Dauntless spirit thankfully remaining by my side

Come what may this echt friendship we shall bide.

By – Sujatha Sivan



Friendship Poem (*)

Your milk-tooth smile never could I forget

When I had a running nose an’ shabby clothes,


No memories of how we met or your face

Yet somewhere there, you are, dear friend.


Never ever could I find that pure smile yet

Even with a tidy face an’ branded clothes.


My only quest is, for a friendship as simple as yours.

By – Waheeda Khan



Friendship Poem (#)

It’s only when the night is darkest

that you can see the light of the stars.

You shone gently in the sky of my life.

I never knew what a friend is

Till you embraced me with

The light of your faithful love.

Patient and forgiving

Never failing or forsaking.

It does my heart good at the end of the day.

To have you just a smile away….

By – Nidhi Sharma



Friendship Poem ($)

Amid many kins

I beseech only your presence my kith


My restrained SELF resurrects and rejoices

Along with


YOU are MY right to speak,

right to express

And YOU are MY right to live like myself


YOU are amendment for inborn and acquired relations

And YOU are my symmetrical half of aesthetic emotions


YOU are another oar for MY sail

And YOU are another mood for MY life


YOU are another tone for MY symphony

And YOU are another hope for MY destiny.

By – Ahmad



A jewel

As time elapses

With memories in transit

Events between us, the clannish

The effect of such, sometimes I deluge.


As cool as an autumn winds

Fresh like a morning dew

Frosty like a cold white snow

The moments are dressed in a silence cloak.

A jewel was found

Of which no word could count


My life, as rich as croesus

Living in peace with no wounds, no bruises.

That jewel i hold tight

Roar at me, do you think I will loose it ?

At gun point, i still hold it

Be it in world wa, I will shield it

You can have me, but you can’t own it.


A jewel with whom, peace reign

A jewel with whom love pains

A jewel worth dying for..

A jewel i call my friend!!

By – Usman



True Friend

Not to Seek in you, an ideal you cannot be or meet; but to discover within you that unique person uncompared, to anyone.

To appreciate what you are than ask what you would be.

To know you, beyond affairs, of routine; to understand your seasons, as you become and grow.

And love you, all the way.

To feel with your life its cadence in the laughter, in the rain.

Through valleys and mountains that come with tomorrows.

I’d like to be such a friend to you, and need the same of you.

By – Mehzbeen Sardiwala



Friendship (^)

So many have I lost in the path of life

So many have I met and forgotten

So many have I cherished for smiles

So many have bought anger and envy

So many I still have all around me,


Some I want to forget but never can

Some I want forever but never can

Some are very close to heart

Some are hopelessly bad for soul

Some can mould or perish me,


But I need just those souls

Who can always walk beside

Who can also feel, before I do

Who can learn and also teach me

The meaning of ‘what is friendship’.

By – Waheeda Khan




Friendship Poem

Far beyond the grey sky,

In a busy, bustling land,

Again we will meet,

Do wait for me, for I will reach,

Even if a bit late, I will surely reach,

To keep our promise,

Our promise of eternal friendship.

By – Soumyadeep Chatterjee



Poem on Friendship

Heavy do I feel within my care

And loving spirit in its delight


When darkness drops it’s meadows,

I shall make a ray of hope;

To stop a heavy wind blows,

Binding a friendship if unbroken rope.


Living the lapsed soul,

And weeping in the evening hour;

This may bring happy dole,

For the unfallen bond of streaming power.

By – C Praveen Kumar



An Ode to a friend:

With a heart so smitten, that doesn’t need to fit in.

With a smile so genuine, that it became a patent medicine.

For all that I have seen or all that I have known.

Everyone is so desirable in what to behold.

But you my dear friend have never been so cold.

For you are the only one whose presence felt bold.

I never knew where I was destined to be, but I am glad I met you.

I regretted my choices, only your presence felt true.

I have never been so good, I have never been so calm

‘Coz you make me see, the light in the storm.

By – Karishma Lalwani