Ashvamegh: Issue XIII: February 2016: ISSN: 2454-4574 ~~ From the Editor-in-Chief: Alok Mishra~~

From the pen of Alok Mishra:

Dear friends, before I start my ‘business with words,’ I need to clarify something. I am extremely hurt to see the students and some ‘research scholars’ of a reputed university, not only in India but abroad as well, literally extrapolating their exercise of ‘freedom of speech’. They shout slogans against our country; they support the terrorists and try to divide our nation; they do every sort of activities that would instigate the authorities of any other country to detain them without a second opinion. However, Indian political class is yet again reflecting their immaturity and ‘opposition for the sake of opposition’ agenda, be it even the question of national integrity and security! I extend my support to the home minister and expect him to take all the necessary steps.

Coming to the major share of Ashvamegh, the literary apocalypse that we dream, I wish to thank all the contributors and readers for their overwhelming response. I would like to thank all those who have recently joined Ashvamegh and wished to contribute to the cause of literature. I have come across some submissions from young poets and authors. It surely fills the heart with pleasure! I wish more and more people start taking an interest in this sports of words and rhyme.

Moreover, the St. Valentine’s Day culminated the valentine’s week yesterday. It was good seeing the tender and mature lovers enjoying the time with their beloved. I would like to remind the readers of Bathsheba’s letter written to Baldwood on the occasion of Valentine’s day. The poor but honest Oak seldom was portrayed enjoying any social event except the prayer in church, but he did not need any Valentine’s day to convey his love to Miss Everdeen. Maybe it had something to do with the pessimistic nature of Hardy. However, every other poet seems to enjoy the occasion of love in their lines. Who can forget the golden line!

‘O my Luve’s like a red, red rose’

Extending this poem to a new level, I have composed one as well:

“Why a rose-day
my love, for you
I have roses all the way!
Garner the joy
our days have to pay
and bless us O’ love…”

Spring is about to enter in India and neighbour countries. I wish you people happy days. Keep writing; keep reading.


Alok Mishra

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February 15, (2016)

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