Ashvamegh Vol.II, Issue.XXI - October 2016

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We are witnessing a merger of poetry with other forms of art. You must have known already that Bob Dylan, a well-known and legendary singer, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2016. There is rarely a person today who does not like the songs of Bob Dylan. Well, let me share some of my favourites with the readers. Here is one:

“Well, in my time of dying don’t want nobody to mourn

All I want for you to do is take my body home

Well, well, well, so I can die easy…”

These lyrics are from the song ‘In my time of dyin”. Can you feel the poetry in the lines? The songs of Bob Dylan, most of the times, carried a metaphor like a poem generally does. These qualities make him one of his class. Another band (not a single singer, but band) I know who exhibits such poetic quality is The Beatles. Their songs also used to be wonderful and should I wait for them to win the Nobel Prize too? Well, these questions be better answered by time only!

I congratulate all the poets, authors, and academicians who have been published in this issue of Ashvamegh. Let’s keep our efforts towards making Ashvamegh a platform for the best literature as well as for the best of the literature…

Wishes of the coming festive season, Love

Alok Mishra

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