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Friends and readers, I would like to start by thanking you all for the continuous support that the Ashvamegh Team has been receiving through the journey. 3 days ago, on 12th January 2017, Ashvamegh has completed its second year! The journey which started 2 years ago has come to this milestone today; however, like the previous year, I am not taking it as the completion of two successful years. I am taking it as the beginning of another challenging year and we have to keep going! The task that we have undertaken has not completed yet. Yes, we are inching towards it, day by day, and every move we make makes me believe that we are doing good.

To mark the completion of two years and beginning of another, we have thought of many things that we can do together. Readers and contributors are important assets for any magazine; for a literary magazine, they are the soul! We are looking to further bridge this gap and making our platform even more friendly where readers, contributors and people from the magazine can come together. Another important advancement in literary field that we are going to make is planning a completely new platform for the students of English Literature where they can access the content created by volunteers for free! As a student, as well as in the role of someone providing digital content to students, I have experienced that commercial barriers make it impossible for the students to get quality content as well as the owners of digital platforms to deliver the same. That’s why I have been thinking about an entirely free digital platform for the literary enthusiasts. I will need your help in this venture which I hope I would get.

To mark this issue, the second anniversary edition of Ashvamegh, I am indebted to Louisa Calio, the poetess from the USA, for her beautiful poems. I wish all of you a very good year ahead! And I believe it firmly that we will keep doing good things together like we have been since the past January 2015.

With wishes & love,

Alok Mishra

January 15, 2016

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