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Introduction to the Poet:

Aanchal Munjal is an assistant professor, department of English, Chandigarh University. She has been teaching almost for five years. Aanchal is an MA in English from Kurukshetra University and M. Phil from Madurai Kamaraj University, TN. The poems below are originally in Hindi, written by Dr. Manish Goswami, univ. of Chandigarh.


Certainty in Uncertainty

In the uncertainty

of things if anything

is certain – It’s you.


Job, land, house,

place and city

nothing is long-lasting

certain is – God.


Not certain for the river

where to go

where to flow swift

where slow

only thing certain

to forge ahead.


Education makes – Literate

not gives the certainty of job

decency – is certain for a literate

not certain to become – a millionaire.


Righteousness – is certain of a righteous

yet does not certain anything

not money, not even

body and mind

even if

that remains barely fine

but the mind of

a righteous – never waves.

Certain for an honest

not to be encircled by

the troubles which

encircle – the dishonest

in uncertainty.


The certainty to

have a baby boy

has made the life

of innumerable daughters – uncertain

yet the joys were not

certain associated with

the birth of a baby boy.


Killed the rights of

many poor by brooding

over our own poverty

yet uncertain

for a merchant and politician

in which country and condition

will be fostered their

grandson and the great grandson


to bring you in this world

my own existence became



The House Speaks

My brother!

even after many years

I failed to become your home

the house regrets and speaks.


Fool! Don’t sale it

house speaks

my father poured

blood instead of water

in its mud mortar.


You Shameless!

you made in it STD-PCO

house speaks

mother reiterated

father to make it

for our comfort.


In dignity you speak

my brother is pleased

to pay huge money for the house

but, Is the reason to be happy?


You don’t have a

heart of stone that ever sale me

and by the way

sleep on footpath

with a bag of money

after selling me.


How foolish this man is!

speak the houses among themselves

the onion potatoes will

not get costly

if he overlaid us.


The house speaks

how clever this contractor is

who calls me a house

but considers me a shop.




Sky – A roof

God bestowed upon every man

still a man wished for another one.



Almost, everyone should have

a roof either his own or on rent.



didn’t matter

the roof belonged to us

or to others but

remained glorious

till father was there.



Flats in lakhs

bunglows in million

in rented house or in hut

the roof remains over head

but these days

very less we stand

on our own roof.



In the word of wafers

will not forget to make

potato chips on roof.



On roof we will meet

the moon

with moon we will meet

the stars…

life will exist on a star

where we will meet the

parted souls.

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