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Introduction to the Poet:

Goutami DasNayak is a senior resident in the department of Pathology, SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha. She likes listening to music, reading and writing poetry.




Looking at the last things lovely,

When time draws near,

It’s your touch that I feel

And your voice that I hear.


A sweet pain invades my heart

And numbness for a while,

I seize those pearls from my eyes

And gather them to a smile.


We look far from here, together,

Time has come and gone

But the sweetest words are left unsaid

And the sweetest deeds undone.





I was a caged bird

With quivering pains,

Silent screams,

Nipped in bud were all my dreams.


Then one fine day,

Hope shone on my way

Unleashing my soul,

Carried me in full sway


And I soared high,

Weighing this limitless sky

Spreading across my little wings,

I found the joy that Freedom brings.

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