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Introduction to the Poet:

Sanjay Thakur has almost nine years of teaching experience at college and university level. He takes care of the linguistic and literary dimensions of the studies. He has academic memberships of GERA and ASIA TEFL. His areas of interest are Indian English Literature, British Literature, Feminist Writings, Translation Studies and communication skills. Besides this, he is actively participating in various International/national conferences, seminars and delivered guest lectures. His current assignment is with Department of English of S.S Sujanpur Tira. He is an M.A. M. Phil. P.G.D.T.E(Eng) M.Ed. Ph.D (Pur).





A question pierces like arrow, what that uncanny realm?

What unsorted query beyond all human contemplations?

Away from worldly reach & sensibility, ethereal by nature

What space, where all bound to depart some day

Will new benign journey or old deeds appositely adjudged?

A mystery hovering all minds….


Few declared prolonged sleep, few perceived His will

Few terror struck, route to heavenly abode, said others

For some, a mild transition into vacuum, ‘Nirankaar’

Unfettering the shackles of mundane world wholly

Gateway to ferry us in vicious worldly sea solely

A mystery since ages keeps thoughts in cages


Is there other realm or perceived notion only?

Is place of tranquil joy, or untold sorrow?

After it, soothing or perennial ache all around

Vicious cycle on earth or much awaited emancipation

Where do we lead and what account for?

Oh! Only mundane justification!


Since ages, riddle unresolved, though, debated most

References from divinity to eternity to define nature

Even thought blows, Aghast! One day to relinquish all

But, believe or not, beauty lies in its complexity itself.

Better human to be human only, focus mending actions

Let divinity be at its play without transcending its limit.





A panoramic view extends from high hills

Gust of air, echoing vale, joy it fills

Twitter & chirps amidst dense wood

Gushing torrent cascading down from hills

A sweet music begets & spells every heart

A life song, that goes & goes interminably


Down there in the vale, a sailor faring in the

Placid water and tranquil surrounding amidst

Momentary squeals and squeak across the river

Appears just started his journey and resolute

To get destination, By and by disappears

Leaving vague signs on the waves


At far distance in the middle of shrubby hills

Flute notes enthral & sadden every heart

Love lorn pain with rising & falling tone

Expressing the sorrow of bleeding heart

Must be a Shepherd, missing his beloved one

People feel the prick of his conscience, standstill


Small Villages there, like beads of rosary

Though still sleepy, sunshine in the morning rays

People start rushing out of their home

To move in groups for the wood on their way

Ladies back at home, ignites the fire in the kitchen

Smoke comes out the roof as a sign of hay day


Children start their play, boisterous it become

Amused grandparents enjoying the delicacies

Childhood being blessed stage, wish to relive

Now, Sun being at the centre of sky, all come

To relish the food inside. Even grazing sheep

Gather to rest on the hills, now, all silence it fills

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