A Heart’s Whisper Chital Mehta Book Review

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A Heart’s Whisper | Book Review


Book Name: A Heart’s Whisper

Author: Chital Mehta

Publisher: Jufic Books

Review by: Alok Mishra

A Heart's Whisper Chital Mehta

I am not a keen reader of the love stories. However, this particular book that I got from Chital, A Heart’s Whisper, had something unique about it. Not in the terms of the story or plot – love stories are universal. There is a lover (maybe husband); there is a beloved (maybe wife); there are few other characters supporting the narration and a series of ups and downs to drive the story home. This book is no different from that. However, what makes it different in the league is the emotion of the author indulges in the flux of the narration. Chital seems to present an animation in front of your eyes when you go through the book. And that I think, is the best part about it!

There is a Rhea, a typical Indian girl disobeying the parents and marrying the love of his life (indeed, that love proves to be for his life). She marries Gary, a German boy who works as a journalist. Yes, there are situations like the Bollywood movies where the ‘dads’ allow the ‘babies’ with a series of precaution:

“… wherever you go, whoever you stay with, in situations where you’re not able to take a decision, always follow your heart no matter what it says. Your heart knows exactly what you are looking for.”  (Page 64)

As the fate wanted it to be, Gary turns out to be a person with a diagnosis of schizophrenia! Rhea is left heartbroken and crying over her decision at times. Nevertheless, she accumulates all her strength and always tries to work it out from her side. Her mother visits her only to know the insider story and leaves her on her own. Yes, there is another important character Judith. She helps Rhea throughout the life. And at last, amid miscarriage of Gary and Rhea’s first baby, the temporal divorce and a lot of impediments, the lovers unite. Gary comes out of his illness after 8 long months of treatment and of course, only because of the devoted love of Rhea. The seemingly eternal question that he asks her “didn’t you ever feel like letting go off me?” finds its answer in the end:

“Each time I looked at him, I knew from all my life’s experience, that falling in love has been the best thing to happen to me…”

Readers, this is a great story! You will like it, especially because of the powerful ‘womanly’ portrait of Rhea who is never ready to accept the defeat. She is powerful, alive and hopeful…

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