The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-mastery by Pooja Khanna – Book Review

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Spiritual writing has always been an integral part of Indian literature. According to the time and circumstances, the art of presenting spiritual ideas to the readers have gone several changes. In the times we live, we need spiritual guidance more than ever and our authors have been trying their best. The Art of Becoming Whole by Pooja Khanna is one of the latest attempts by an Indian author to make the readers aware of spiritual ideas that can not only change our lives but also inspire us to make the best use of it. In this article, I have reviewed this work and I tell why everyone interested in reading non-fiction literature must read this work by Pooja.

First of all, let me tell the readers that The Art of Becoming Whole has a very subtle subtitle, A Guide to Self-Mastery. Therefore, the book advocates merging with the superconscious, to become whole and master oneself. Being frank, I thought a book with such a vast concept must be complex, perplexing and almost confusing. However, I am happy to admit that I was wrong! The book by Pooja Khanna is very easy to understand and also convenient to follow whatever the author has suggested as remedies to our daily problems and bigger issues like an emotional overreaction, negativity and prolonged victim conscious. 

The book has been divided into two parts – the first one, Deep Healing, tries to draw our attention to the problems that human beings generally face and the second part, Rising Higher, tries to make the readers understand what should be the right path to extend the circumference of positivity and satisfaction… and lead our lives in a self-respecting, happy and content manner. In short, just in 17 chapters, the author may have summarised most of the issues that we face coupled with the very best of the solutions to those… and everything happens in a very simple, convenient and communicating way. Readers understand what they read and they will certainly know what to do. 

I will try to exhibit something from the book and I am sure it will exemplify most of the things that I have said about this wonderful book before. We all face issues related to companions, friends or people close to us. We want the best of them, who understand and care for us, to be close to us. However, what does it show? What is the true meaning of friendship? What do we want to achieve with friendship? Pooja explains the concept very wonderfully and it should explain enough: 

“People you like show you what you wish to be, while people you don’t like, show you what you don’t wish to be.”

She explains the inner meaning: 

“The people outside of you are only revealing your conscious and subconscious patterns back to you.”

All this happens in chapter 2, Everyone is your Mirror. In this chapter, the author explains why do we chase the ‘unavailable relationships’ constantly and how can we become content within ourselves, in our own company and start loving ourselves… Likewise, in all chapters of the book, you will learn different lessons that the book has for you. 

I will reiterate; the book offers very important lessons of life, soaked in spiritual values that India has always cherished since eternity, that propel the readers towards betterment and self-reliance. It has many things for those who seek to come out of passive life, dependent upon others (external people, things or ideas). It has dealt with the issues of mental problems, trauma, emotional weakness, failing relationships, too many expectations from others… and many more with a very straightforward and effective approach that will tell the readers how to realise and acknowledge the problems being faced and the steps you need to follow to come out of these. 

Let us give it to the author for being convenient and not clumsy. The Art of Becoming Whole is a practical book having solutions to our questions, confusions and problems. I am sure you will understand everything once you start reading this book – perhaps the best read for me in 2020! All the best!  

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The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-mastery by Pooja Khanna – Book Review
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The Art of Becoming Whole: A Guide to Self-mastery by Pooja Khanna is a non-fiction book that reveals the secrets of well-being, emotionally rich and wonderful life…

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