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Book: The Girl in the Dream
Author: Pravin Agarwal
Publication: RG Books, Paperback, March 1: 2020
Pages: 296
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Thriller
Review by: Manish for Ashvamegh
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The Girl in the Dream Pravin Agarwal Cover

Pravin Agarwal’s debut novel The Girl in the Dream begins with a dream that lures the protagonist Vivaan into a temple and he finds himself with a beautiful girl there who discloses that they have already been married for many years – a ring with the engraving ‘R’ perplexes Vivaan when the dream breaks and he finds himself lying on the sofa of a NASA resting space. So, who is Vivaan? Vivaan is a scientist working for NASA, originally from India and belongs to a family with Indian roots intact, and is handling special Mars Mission which later becomes successful. A respected and honourable man who is idealised by his juniors and even seniors, Vivaan is to be married to Riya and they make a very sweet, reasonable, ‘measured,’ and beautiful couple. However, it is Vivaan’s weird (but beautifully provoking) dream that takes the centre stage in the course of this novel – The Girl in the Dream.

Pravin has been at his best when describing the dilemma in the mind of Vivaan. His style is simple, effective, communicative and, at the same time, evoking various anticipations and speculations in the readers. When the novel begins, it does make an impression that there may be many things – a horror story, a thrilling story, a chilling romance – but the author has managed his tale wonderfully and he did not allow the plot to take over the theme or vice-versa. The plot and the theme are in the best possible synchronisation except for a few occasions when the author has entered into very little (and unnecessary) details.

With the introduction of another set of characters, Rachit and Swara, the novel shifts to India (from Los Angels) and an inquiry into the dream of Vivaan takes the readers into an ancient Shiva Temple – a beautiful blend of mythology and essence of selfless service. The pujari of that Shiva Temple tells Vivaan that he has some links with the past life of him and he had to come there to complete what needed to be completed. And then, the novel moves towards conclusion…

With twists emerging at the right places and taking the novel in the right direction to its destined conclusion, Pravin Agarwal as a debut author has made sure that the readers are always in the grip of the plot. It is a moving tale of love – love from the past and love at present – that presents to the readers everything in the right proportion. A page-turner, if you want to say that, this novel will keep the readers hooked till the end with its splendid storytelling and an enchanting dream that connects the present to the past. A splendid romantic thriller at its best! As a reader busies himself in reading this work, I am sure the frequent occurrence of the dream, Vivaan’s expressions for Riya but his hesitation at times, the scenes of experiencing the previous life 500 years ago… and many other things must visualise like a movie. Enthralling and thrilling, a mix of romance, mystery and fantasy…The story has the visual effect of a screenplay…very near to a magnum opus!

The Girl in the Dream keeps the readers guessing for what might come ahead in the storyline. The confusion of letter ‘R’ for Riya unless the past is revealed or Swara’s admission of knowing the past unless Riya knows it from Vivaan herself… these episodes are a few examples of the gripping penning by Pravin and I am sure he the readers will enjoy reading this novel to the very last page…

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The Girl in the Dream by Pravin Agarwal
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The Girl in the Dream by Pravin Agarwal is a novel by Pravin which keeps the readers glued to the content to the very last page of it. The novelist has used many elements in a superb way to keep the story moving and it becomes, eventually, a page-turner that grips the readers as they move pages. A must-read romantic thriller…

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