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Ravindra Rao, the author of 19th Akshauhini (Algorithm of the Gita), writes with a pen name – Haribakth. And one can easily see what does that name convey. The author Ravindra, or better Haribakth, has dedicated his life post-retirement to the study, writing and spread of spirituality. With a master degree in Commerce and a bachelor in law, Haribakth has served in a public sector bank for thirty-four long years. He took a voluntary retirement only to follow his passion – writing and studying.
With his daughter, Vaishnavi, who is also a designer & illustrator, Haribakth has written this book – Algorithm of the Gita. The text is accompanied by the illustrations by Vaishnavi. Haribakth holds it (the Gita) as the supreme version of scripture and all-authoritative and continues his research and exploration around it. You can follow him on various social media platforms listed below and also contact him using the email id.



19th Akshauhini: Algorithm of the Gita

19th Akshauhini Algorithm of the GitaThis book by Haribakth aims at simplifying the Gita secret to the common audience or general readers. The author has presented his philosophy and arguments wonderfully to illustrate that how Gita is the most authenticate scripture which requires no measures of correctness as it directly comes from the Supreme Lord – Krishna. You can buy this book from the links mentioned below. You can also read the reviews of the book. The links to the reviews will be added once those are online.
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