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Book: 19th Akshauhini (algorithm of the Gita)

Author: Haribakth & Vaishnavi

Publisher: Notion Press, 2016

Page: 243

Reviewed by: Alok Mishra

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My submission before I move to review the book by Ravindra Rao (pen name Haribakth): I am a very curious reader of the books on Gita. I have a collection in my library and I feel happy to reveal that 19th Akshauhini has proved to be a good addition to my collection. Yes, this book is not as scholarly as you will find the editions of Paramhansa Yogananda or Bhaktivedanta. However, I do believe that Haribakth has knowingly come out with his book in a simplified manner so that maximum can understand and enjoy the great messages in the Gita.

 19th Akshauhini Algorithm of the Gita

Coming to the book review of 19th Akshauhini, algorithm of the Gita, the first thing which is very attractive and different about the book is its unique amalgam of illustration and explanation. The author, Haribakth, has been accompanied by his daughter and a designer by profession, Vaishnavi. She has supplied her wonderful illustrations which truly signify the virtue of Gita through pictures. Vasihnavi has completely put forth the ‘actuality’ and the ‘misinterpretation’ of the holy book Gita through her episode: ‘what he said’ and ‘what we understood’.

The content of the book is something relatively new and also peculiar. In my memory, I don’t remember having read such an analogy of Gita. For instance, if you flip the pages and reach to page 47, you will find that the author Haribakth is comparing the book of Gita to Algebra or the URL. It’s amazing! Certainly a new kind of interpretation I had experienced! Through various tables and information input in their sections, the author has wonderfully analysed the important verses of Gita in his own words. Certainly, those are useful for the first time readers as well as the experience readers who understand the Gita’s philosophy. There is an entire chapter in the book entitled FAQ which I liked very much. This chapter of the book examines some of the major questions which are, every now and then, floored to interpret Gita ‘otherwise’. Haribakth has tried wonderfully to clarify those questions and I really liked the way he did so. For example, a typical populist question – is God biased that he proclaims to initiate the caste system? The author has clarified the concept of caste as presented in the Gita in a way that an ordinary reader can also understand. Another significant issue which is taken up is of the ultimate value – Vedas and the Gita. ‘Gita continues where the Vedas end’ in the words of the writer. Thus, a reader will understand that to the author, Gita is not only a book containing philosophy of life but also the words of the Lord and thus, the supreme. There is also a chapter Similes in Gita which will be liked by most of the readers who wish to understand the depth which Gita contains.

Once the father part is finished in the book, the daughter part starts. That part will attract the readers of young age as well as everyone who wishes to understand the basics of Gita. Through wonderful illustrations, Vaishnavi has conveyed the deeper philosophy of Gita. For example – we often come across the question that how could the supreme Godhead Sri Krishna lie? Vaishnavi’s illustration, featuring two faces of children, has the answer to your question…

My verdict on the book 19th Akshauhini algorithm of Gita – a MUST READ for every class of reader! Those who pan to understand Gita for the first time or those who are well-qualified in Gita studies, all of them alike can take pleasure from this book. So, you can easily purchase the book from online stores if you want to read it and enhance your knowledge in Gita and Sri Krishna. Happy reading!