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Ravi Nambiar is the founder of Cropex Pvt. Ltd. and an author who wishes to share his experiences and visions with the world through his books. Author of Monsoon Minds, a book published in 2016, Ravi is set to launch his second book very soon. He is one of those authors who want to touch the lives of people through their fiction. That’s why he has kept his first book sentimental as well as connecting with the readers. The experiences that he has accumulated by travelling across the country also find a reflection in his works. He translates his experiences of meeting people with different personalities into the characters which feature in his fictional works. You can contact the author through his website as well as his email address. You can also read a brief description of his book below.



Monsoon Minds

Monsoon MindsThe events in this book take place in an imaginary village in the southern India. Monsoon Minds is a collection of short stories which feature deep human emotions, values for mutual relations and the humane. The characters in the book exhibit tender qualities of the people ignorant of modern tantrums and show-offs. Find yourself some great hours reading the book. Order now from:
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