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Book: Monsoon Minds

Author: Ravi Nambiar

Publisher: Partridge, 2016

Page: 151

Reviewed by: Alok Mishra

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Many are the facets of literature and very few of them, in this modern age, go on to reach the lives of those who are away from i-pads and fitness bands. What Wordsworth started, unfortunately, ended with him only! Right from the beginning to this day, rare pieces of literature depict the life of common people in the rural areas, their lives, their tradition, their beliefs, their practices…. and so on. Talking about the Indian literary tradition, today, we are only wandering in the cities and either behind a half girlfriend of someone else until we find some another. Amidst all these, we certainly see some flashes in creative writing which set the benchmark for others to follow and also for the readers a line of discerning quality. Monsoon Minds, authored by Ravi Nambiar, is a book of short stories. While I finished the book a few days ago, all these thoughts came pouring into my mind at once. As Ravi has set the title of the book – Monsoon Minds, I am sure the readers will find it full of rains which downpour human emotions…

Monsoon MindsThere are 18 beautiful stories in this book and all excelling the preceding one. The language, for a person who has been an entrepreneur so long, is remarkably exhibiting the literary qualities and the use of decorative devices is also very clever. Be it the first person narration or the third person storytelling, Ravi has done a very commendable job in this book. I will quote some lines from Monsoon Minds:

“Karthyayani always posed a conspicuous smile. Her face was never complete without that deeply innocent smile. She never appeared without her characteristic smile.”

Look at the usage; look the flow of the thoughts and the structure of the sentences clinging together under one roof… I was simply surprised reading Ravi Nambiar’s stories. Not only the linguistic qualities, his stories are also full of literary qualities. He talks about the people living in villages; he talks about an old grandmother; he talks about the unspoken love affairs; he talks about the divine bonding found only in rural India…

The stories By The Waves and A Case of Certainty are remarkably wonderful for their treatment of love. Written in simple, yet, effective language and conveying considerable messages, these stories will give the readers certain moments of ‘after-thoughts’ which we rarely find in the modern literature produced by naive people.

One more thing that I like to bring to the readers is that the stories by Ravi Nambiar, on a whole, give the message of a dynamic life to the readers. Gloom and worries are certainly a part of life, however, not for so long. We need to move on towards a ‘better future’ that we all aspire to bring in our lives. This message, you will find in most of the stories in Monsoon Minds.

To the readers who want to read something genuine and spend their weekends or office lunch time with a book, I will directly say – go buy this book on Amazon and enjoy the Monsoon Minds! You will thank me, I know it!

Happy reading folks! Don’t forget to convey your feedbacks to the author through amazon or any other medium…