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Get your book reviewed

So, you have written your book already? Are you curious to get your book reviewed? Writing a book and getting it published is difficult, we know it very well. However, impressing your audience to read the book is far difficult a task than the previous. Book reviews help you in the second phase with your book. However, here too, the difficult lies. You have to persuade some expert book reviewers to go through your book and leave a review. Moreover, sometimes, it also adds much extra expense to your publishing venture. Is getting your book reviewed such a troubling task?

Getting a book review so tough?

No is the answer that Ashvamegh will have to this question. We, the editors at Ashvamegh, are always hungry to ready new books, old books, ancient books or even the torn pages! We will review your book; we will let the audience what you have done; we will bring the message out of your book in the public… All you have to do is send us a copy of your published book. We will review your book!

What Books We Review?

We review fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novels, political, academic, short stories or any kind of book. The genre you write, that genre we review; this is the simple philosophy that Ashvamegh sticks to.
Do remember that we need a physical copy of your book. However, if your book is considerably short, for example, a poetry collection of 40 poems, we will gladly read your pdf version as well. Nevertheless, for voluminous books, you will have to trouble yourself and send us the book for review.

Looking for author promotional packages?

You are at the right place for that! Ashvamegh has established itself as the leading destination for authors and publishers who want to promote their books and reach as many readers as they can. We offer different packages to the authors and our packages include all the necessary things that you need along with getting your book reviewed. We offer our services to Indian as well as other countries’ authors. From social media promotion to Amazon & Goodreads reviews, book reviews at different websites, personal blogs, online media platforms and interviews… all these promotional activities will bring your book exposed to a wide range of readers who read our magazine! Let’s give it a try?

Send your book for review

We have different addresses for receiving the books for review. So, you can use the book review form on our page HERE: Book Reviews Do remember to tell us about the book details and about yourself while you fill up the form to us. We will mail you back with the address and other details which you will need for the review.

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